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Thank you. I just saw this now - as I'm about to start working... Happy Thanksgiving.

I want to separate a single track of voice and music into 2 components - narrative and poetry - so they can be played side-by-side and each component can be analyzed for research. And I was advised to try this in Virta.

The narrative part would use the "pitch detector" to recognize the fundamental pitch (which I would save as a separate file). So where is the "pitch detector" in Vitra, and how do I turn it on?

Then the "pitch shifter" could be used to undo this - which would give me one camparison. So where is the "pitch shifter" and how do I use that to remove the "pitch detector" effect?

Also I could add another instance of Virta to output a sine wave or something else at the detected pitch. So again, how would I do that?

With answers to these 3 questions I could make the filters myself and do my initial research for further study.

Thanks for any suggestions you may have. I would use Ableton Live 10 (64 bit) with macos Catalina 10.15 07 and a Motu Ultralight 3 Hybrid with the latest drivers, on a 16" Macbook Pro.

I realize this may sound complicated - but I don't think it has to be. I just don't know how to do it myself :) Thanks for any help you can offer.


FYI: I now own Alto and Virta, if that helps... Randy
Just saying, this is huge if i/we can pull it off... :)

Aside from art - which is always there - we have the notion of a global language of the senses. That's the 'big' idea. But the small idea is just as important - research those sounds which change a talk, song, sound (even in improvisation) into a piece of poetry which communicates through the subconscious to the conscious with vibes that we can hear and truth which resonates.