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What Aalto patch would be recommended as canonical (i.e. ready to play) for MPE coming from a Linnstrument?

Also, in Aalto, is the Input Protocol setting (MIDI, or MIDI MPE under the gear icon) something that stays globally once set, or is that saved/reloaded on a per-patch basis?

Also, an update of the manual to cover v1.9.4 would be good!

Also, I'm having the "Bend to the moon" issue described in another thread. Is that a bug, or a question of proper setup? If the latter, I would appreciate the secret! Thanks.

Hi. Anything further you can mention yet?

Great, thanks!

Hi Randy,

Is this on the radar for a fix sometime soon?

Now that I've got Live 11, I'm really hoping more than ever to get everything working smoothly!

Thanks ohwell!

"if you run into this problem you'll see that after you set the MPE bend range menu it just does not keep the setting. "

Thanks Randy. Yup, I observe that with Nanohost.

I hope it's within Madrona's ability to fix, and not an unfixable feature of the host(s)!

Ah, host dependent, very interesting. Thank you!

For interest (and/or troubleshooting) these particular observations of mine were using Nanohost ( ) as the host. It's free, and very convenient for certain uses, so I would recommend downloading it and putting it in the testing mix for Aalto.

I do have other hosts available, and so I will try them when I get a chance and see if I get different results.

P.S. You'd probably love the Linnstrument. Keep an eye on and you might score a deal!

Hi. Thank you for your reply!

By "bend to the moon" I was referring to specifically (searchable) "The issue: unexpected pitch jump when playing notes after pitch bending." as found here ( ). That issue does not seem to have received a final diagnosis in the thread. Because the original sound example is gone, perhaps it is too late (?). My own case may or may not be the same thing. Basically I'm hearing HUGE pitch bend (2 octaves or more) w/o knowing why. This happens even with PB Ranges on the Linnstrument and in Aalto set to low values.

BTW, do you have a Linnstrument there to work/test with?

I've seen the KEY output page you link to. It's a bit obscure to me. I feel like I need to study it a bit more in order to frame a clear question about it.

Yes, I'm on Windows 10. Could you please link to or explain the identified "MPE pitch bend issue there where the menu doesn't work"?

Thanks again!