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a big +1 from me
imho this ODD MTS plugin is fantastic
because you have 1 central pint for your microtuning
and all others that are MTS aware inherit the same tuning

nearly all u-he have adapted it, as UA Lion, Surge etc
imho the more the better :-)

also in logicX (newest version) as AU

actually it is "only" the display of the dials that reverts to 0 and the windowsize to default
the sound itself keeps intact

and yes, it is happening as soon as the LFO/modulation is engaged
when the modulation is bypassed, nothing wrongly (windowsize/dials) happens

shift-drag! yes! thank you :-)

couldn't find it in the manual...

imho still a little bit too coarse, especially in the 1.0 - 0,01 range...

in re metal:
a +1 metoo for a (seperate) non-metal version
my mini 2011 with mountail lion would be so happy :-))

even fixed size would be fine with me
or 3 optional sizes, like u-he oder unfilteredaudio is doing it

another thing i might find useful:
a stereo/mono knob to narrow the stereowidth


first time poster here ;-)

wow! that's a nice one! congratulations!

love it's simplicity
and it's full of wonderful easy to find sweet hotspots

very interesting and nice and useful filter

something i'm missing and would love to see:

a way of fine tuning the controls
i.e.: modifierkey-drag for sub- and superfine tuning

like for example option-drag or shift-drag for subdecimal values

especially i love the decay sub 1.0 sounds
would be cool, if it could be finetunes in the .000x range

this sub 1.0 sound do get quite in karplus-strong territory...

...which would lead to the next idea:
a sidechain mechanism for playing the decay with midinotes
(like there is in u-he's colourcopy for example)

another idea:
some sort of pitch dedection to drive the decay value
could make some kind of vocoder

modulation? yes! the more the better
though it would drive away from its simple gui

but i could already see it in the beloved madronalabs double-pane window
where the lower pane has all sorts of modulation capabilities with nice patchcables :-)

and yes, metoo prefers paypal...

quoting from the AaltoVerb page:
"and relies on recent technologies like Metal on MacOS[…]"

your late 2009 iMac is afaik not metal compatible

check mojave compatible mac models
afaik those are also the metal compatible ones