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Many thanks, Hasn't locked up since the beta on Win 10 64 Live 9.7
Merry Christmas

I have two issues that constantly occur with Virta which I will report properly. Thanks for the nice toy.

Hi, I also have this issue.
It occurs over time.

The default patch works fine in the beginning, then abruptly the audio will stop processing and the output stage will show no output.

Only removing the broken plugin will fix it. Closing an affected project and reopening it does not fix it. Still no sound will occur.

I will try saving the project, closing live, and reopening it - if it is still broken then it must surely be a problem in the "interface state" logic, or something? Just a guess.

Windows 10
Ableton Live 9.7
i7-6700 with auto overclocking
32Gb Ram

Additionally when the audio input drops to nil I get a click on the output. This occurs on seemingly all patches. I run at 96k on an Audient card if that matters via ASIO.
Many thanks, maybe I can gate the click at a pinch but it is a royal pain really loud click like the bit calculation of 0 input is wrong or something.

In terms of cpu usage I can make single patches lock up the machine with almost nothing else running as accompaniment. I would say very high right now. I have Manipulator, and Voxsynth and they manage okay on the box to give you a sense of performance. Thanks

good tip!

Added on electric guitar as a "fattener" is incredible