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I love what can be done with the Aalto software. I use it for all kinds of odd, polyphonic rhythms, beats, synth leads, percussion, etc. My question is what hardware could be used to re-create what Aalto does. Specifically the sequencer section and complex oscillator. The ways these two work together is super creative! I am looking for literally eurorack units that are similar to the way Aalto is designed and set up. Thanks in advance!

Plugin = Aalto version 1.8.0
Logic Pro X 10.2.4
OS Version 10.12.1

  1. Downloaded newest version of Aalto full license 1.8.0
  2. Verified new update
  3. I am not able to save new patches or access the upper menu when clicking on the preset window.
  4. Previously before downloading the beta release I could save patches at will

Before the beta release I could save the patches easily, I installed the most recent release yesterday and updated the license, but still can not save my patches. Anyone have a solution? Thanks


Yes, it does work if I create a new track in logic and then open Aalto. Must have been an assignment for that one track I was using, possibly due to changing the license from the beta release to the new release. Thanks a ton for you help! Now I can create some killer patches and save them! Have a great Christmas!


restart did not change anything.


It says on the license area:

Version 1.8.0(Au64)
Licensed to
Joe Bucciero

If I click on this area it says
your license is up to date , thank you for your support in green in the center of the screen

I have closed out logic and re opened and it's still the same issue. I am going to restart the computer, next.

Hello Randy! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! Also I am loving your synth! Thanks for your awesome work!

Okay, so I click on the preset rectangle for example where it says "CS80 string", the menu opens. The upper section where it shows :

Save as version
Save as
Revert to saved

This upper section is faded out and inaccessible. The rest of the menu from there down is working fine.