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It's been forever and a day, but I'm finally the proud owner of Aalto, Kaivo, Virta, and Aaltoverb. Thanks for these wonderful instruments. :grinning:

Definitely some of the best virtual instruments available. Been messing around with the demos and Allto CM for a long while now...Worth every bit of the full price but the sale helps me tremendously. Will be getting all 3 instruments and Aaltoverb . I'm really anticipating what Sumu brings to the table. Keep the good work up Randy and thanks a million!!!!

Waiting for that big Summer 2019 sale to start!!!

I love Madrona Labs vsts, so glad to see these updates ....can hardly wait for the next instrument to be released:grinning: a Winter Sale would make the current lineup mine!!!....

Excellent instruments...very inspiring!!. Will definitely purchase during the Winter Sale 2016. Are any new instruments on the horizon? Would love to see a Madrona Labs additive synth.