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Thanks for the updates. The CPU drop is awesome!

I think the LFO on Virta isn't working properly when switched to sync mode. At first I thought it was putting out a steady offset with occasional glitches, but listening to it modulating the Gate level it sounds as if the LFO is running at audio rate in sync mode.

Mac OS 10.12.3
Ableton 9.7.1 32 bit
Virta version 1.3.2b3 (similar behavior on AU and VST)

Hi, Thanks for the updates! I just installed the new versions of all three plugins and noticed that the control inputs of the Kaivo body section do not seem to be working properly.

Kaivo 1.3.0
AU 32 Ableton Live 9.7.1
Mac osx 10.8.5

When connecting the sequencer or LFO to the body inputs the X and Y inputs seem to respond as expected. Nonlin, Tone, and Pitch do not respond at all, and Sustain seems to alter both Nonlin. and Tone.

I quit and restarted Ableton a couple times and this behavior was consistent.