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Dunno if anyone saw this. Looks interesting!

A good read. Long live the cottage industry of sole traders!

Relates to this piece by Laurie Spiegel, which I shared with Randy a few years ago:

Sounds good!

yeah this would be a great addition to Madrona Labs plugins!

According to Dave Gamble and co it's easy to implement, tho I am no programmer so YMMV! It allows for tuning across instruments and entire sessions, and for changing of tuning systems in real-time. A number of other Devs like U-he, TAL and Audio Damage have already implemented it.

Here's the relevant link for devs:

I don't expect it would be something you'd make but...

Just came here to say that it would be so cool and fun.

Bring on Sumu! x

yeah Aalto is great for percussive sounds (and those are cool patches!)...but something with a more flexible built-in sequencer, multiple oscs etc, would be [chef's kiss]

Must admit that this is the instrument closest to my heart so....thoughts on this?

Linnstrument Aalto/Kaivo users: videos, please! :-)

Lovely! I started a couple of things based on your presets a while back but never got around to finishing. This is making me think I should hop to it!

The kora is the most beautiful sounding instrument. And kora music is the best.

If anyone can get a kora and harp to sound like this in kaivo, that would be amazing!

Taking the opportunity to add support for the idea of having the ability to move the Madrona Labs folder and all samples and presets within it to any location on a computer. :-)

Good tip, thanks. But I'm finding more and more that Randy's GUIs are so good that every time I open another soft synth up I end up thinking, but why would you do it like this?!! (This is also a very handy check on the GAS.)


Thought it might be fun to ask the community what your favourite non-Madrona Labs virtual instruments (also effects etc I guess) are. The ones that you think best complement Randy's offerings.

Sooo...have at it!

Yeah, that video series was great!


Yeah, those sounds really are from a certain moment! Amazing 90s keys and those orchestral hits! OTOH, I always thought of that as a player's synth...and that Roland Cloud GUI doesn't do much to suggest otherwise! Looks really powerful though, with excellent presets no doubt.

Myself I've been trying out the new TAL synth. A very different kind of Roland sound...not sure how I feel about the patch cables strung everywhere, but the sound is great!

Sounds fantastic. How soon!?? :-)

These are awesome! I will definitely use them. Let us know when/if you add more!

Hey Randy:

I know you have semi-regular sales, so I've signed up to your email list to be notified of the next one, but I wonder if you've considered doing student discounts? SoundToys and Ableton have the sorts of discounts that sure persuade my friends and I to dip in...!

Not sure if this is possible, but would be cool to be able to flick between presets while keeping the same scala scale file in place.


Hey Randy, another cool thing would be if all menu items (and not just presets), had little arrows at either side. So we could flick between tunings and samples (in Kaivo) quickly.

lemme know if you find someone!

You're awesome!

just to update you. creating a symbolic link to the madrona labs directory in windows (mklink /D) seems to have done the trick. i'll let you know if problems arise. i'm currently demoing kaivo, and am hoping to see that the same trick works with kaivo samples. since i've created a symbolic link to the whole madrona labs folder it should work.

is it possible to do this? i can't find any details in the manual or from web searches. i'd like to store my preset folder in a dropbox-like location, so any presets i make stay synced between my laptop and desktop.

that's not a bad idea. i will investigate at some point this week. thanks Randy.

(obviously if you were looking for features to add to future updates i'd be delighted if this happened, but i'm sure you've got your hands full up with other stuff anyway, so no worries if not! :-))

Ok, so i don't have to wait till the next sale then, great! Looking forward to testing Virta!

I'm currently teaching AND enrolled as a student, so do I get 100% off? ;-)

In all seriousness, that's an awesome discount, thanks!One further question: do your discounts apply to sale priced items?

Either way, thanks! I'll wait till Virta's out before picking between it and Kaivo!