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Any VST 3 word?

HI there, apologies for jumping in.

I have a Mac Pro 3.4ghz 12 core machine, and in LIVE 9, Kaivo really struggles at lower buffer settings - even at 44.1 - usually I work at 88.2. It's almost impossible to use it at 128/256 when I have hardware machines involved, and usually i have to do the Kaivo work initially, bounce and get rid of it in order to continue.

I have followed other threads on this topic and done my best to mitigate the adverse affects on my system, but it's a real struggle.

It would be amazing to be able to push this incredible software without restriction, but i understand that there's CPU intensive alchemy occurring under the hood. It's the only reason preventing me pulling the trigger on the other plugs.

Any plans to revisit the code would be gleefully received :)