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Beautiful work as always, I can't wait to hear it. Love 'Home' and 'Field', such a great way to approach it. Thanks for sharing your process.

I don't think Mainstage is officially supported on Windows(?). It sounds to me like sticking with Bitwig will be the most straightforward solution for you, especially as you already own it.

"So run Kaivo in Bitwig Studio then, you will say. I do however still only use the DAW for synthesis purposes so that seems overkill and a waste of valuable processor power to me"

DAW's are optimized to host VST's. A large portion of my workflow is also only using synths, and I don't see it as overkill at all, but a necessary prerequisite of using VST's. Having the ability to freeze tracks can help with performance. It also sounds like you might want to have multiple instances running, so a mixer will be useful.

Bitwig's grid is very, very capable. A lot can be done with those basic building blocks.

UVI Falcon works standalone, is multi channel audio & midi. It has decent granular modes. It's a brilliant tool but sounds nothing at all like Kaivo.

AAS Chromaphone is a physical modelling percussive synth that works in stand alone mode, again nothing at all like Kaivo.

VCV Rack also has some physical modelling modules.

Thanks Randy,

I'm still investigating/configuring this machine to run smoothly for audio work and will let you know if any specific changes resolve the issue on my side.

Yea super weird bug, the developer in me probably spent more time trying to recreate the issue in Aalto, just as a sanity check.

Just encountered this bug in Max so will add here

Kaivo - demo hiss in Max (Aalto seems fine)

Kaivo 1.9.4
Max 8.1.8
Windows 10 Pro 2004

Hi Randy,

I've just set up a new Windows machine and am now experiencing this bug. I've never experienced it on Mac (along with a plethora of other issues)

In my case it happens with Kaivo maybe 2 out of 10 times. But not Aalto.

I can recreate the bug (with Kaivo only) by closing and re-opening the plugin window multiple times in both Cubase & Reaper. (new projects - 1 track).

Sometimes there is demo hiss. Sometimes the license just shows the demo message rather than my name. At first I was re-pasting the license, but then realised that the license refreshed when closing/reopening the plugin window.

This machine is a 10 core i9, 32gb ram, if specs could have an impact. I don't own many plugins from other vendors but I did perform the same test with a few and could not recreate.

I'm happy to help investigate the issue once you've had a chance to look into it.

Edit: system info
Kaivo 1.9.4
Cubase 10.5.20 & Reaper 6.15
Windows 10 Pro 2004