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I still have an issue with Aalto / rec automation / Ableton.
Not sure if this is the right spot in the forum, I've done some research but this topic comes closest to my problem.
They couldnt help me at Ableton tech support with the ableton side of this problem, i'll drop the question there in the forum as well but also wanted to ask here if someone has any solution!

I'm recording Aalto in arrangement view. While recording a take, I tweak stuff and usually along the way I encounter a couple of things I want to make presets of, but that's another thing. *
I want to keep the automation for that particular take, but also continue to record and try different sounds.

The problem starts after i have recorded one take with automation and want to switch to another preset to do the same thing: record a take while tweaking parameters.
As soon as i load a new preset, the orange arrow (re-enable automation) button comes on (as i have now manually made a change).
So i can indeed select a new preset, however; as soon as i click the button (to re-enable automation so i can record again w automation) all parameters jump back to the state they were in when automation was enabled, thus altering the sound of the new preset. AArgh!
Usually this is not a sound I want.
Is there a way where i could start with a 'clean slate',
-so the next preset i choose will actually sound like the preset i select, while keeping the automation from the take before that / on the take before that?
-and the original preset i used will also sound like itself; i also have trouble with bouncing the track immediately after (so i can erase everything and start over - that's my sort of workaround) because i guess it will now take the 'altered state' as point of departure, and then adding the automation on top.
Kind of drives me nuts. Sometimes it'll work and sometimes not (bounce the track right after recording and have it sound like i remembered it sounded while recording). I don't know why that is even.

THe best thing to do i guess, is record the audio (as suggested above) on a separate track while recording and tweaking, so I'll do that. Just curious if there's anything I could do about this scenario. I read the link in the original post by Randy about MIDI program automation (about resetting) but i don't understand that - (any help welcome..!)

*Another reason why I'd like to be able to 'reset' to a particular point in time is so i can capture presets that passed by at some point, if i really liked them. (instead of having to stop recording to make a preset) .

(and yes; it would also be really cool to have a history of patch chord changes / in reference to "A refinement of that idea is to have two menu options, one to say "start keeping track of what parameters I changed," and another to reset only those changed parameters. This would definitely work, the only drawback is a little added complexity. You would still need to be careful to save your song with all the params at their initial states!"

thanks in advance for any thoughts or insights
I really like working with AAlto - i have such a giant collection of amazing sounds (btw is there a way to make subfolders in the presetsmenu?) so also wanted to share my enthusiasm for Aalto !