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So looking forward to this Randy - cannot wait!

Me too! :)

Oh dear lord let me in!

Yeah - my AU doesn't work on a MBP M1 Pro in Ableton 11 Beta but the VST3 works fine.

Cannot wait! Thanks for all this creative work Randy - love your synths!

Same boat - keep checking and rechecking for Sumu. Looking very forward to it Randy. Your stuff is brilliant.

Thanks Randy - I remember now - been a while since I've read the docs

And great about Beta- testing. Fun fun!


Hi Randy -

Intrigued by the comment above about making a 2D waveform. How do you do this?

Also - very excited about SUMU-VST! If you need beta testers, please put me on the list (mac OS).



OK thanks Randy, I'll let you know.

Hm, seems to happen when I push the voices beyond 2, as in from 3 on up I get no sound and have to restart virta. I'll try it on my home machine which is a bit more robust than my work mac and let you know.


ps Unless I'm doing something really silly?

I seem to be having this same problem in Live. I can see input level all the way through Virta but can't hear any output. When I switch Virta on and off, about 1/3rd of the time, I get sound but then nothing on next patch etc.

I'm in mac 10.10.5 Yosemite, and latest version of Ableton.


Ps My sample size is 512 right now in Ableton.


I've loved using Aalto but the Kaivo demo vids led me to believe that this one wouldn't be experimental sounding enough for my work.

Couldn't have been more wrong.

Thanks for a great synth!