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Now, all presets go to ~/Music/Madrona Labs. Other developers have their own schemes. I really don't like that. It is I who uses my disk, so I wish to be able to decide on where to place them!

Let me, please? :)

Additional thanks

Feature request.
A plea really.
– please implement this bug as a controllable parameter. It gives subtle but such entirely exhilarating timbral variations, in my opinion this would transform Kaivo into being properly indistinguishable from a physical instrument, a whole world of beauty. That's how I found it to be, except it's ephemeral now, can't compose with it adequately.

I've been playing a bit more and I noticed that the degradation sometimes produces extremely interesting and musical effects. Would be a very very lovely feature if one could control it : )

and then very slowly come back up. To me it seems that the problem lays in the granular engine – it's as if it changed grain shape.

Same problem. I noticed that some patches don't do it suddenly, but rather gradually change the timbre, thin out until gone.

how would you go about it?

Not presets per se, but maybe 8 containers to put your sequencer patterns in per track (or patch, although track would be nicer). No more need to smash CPUs with multiple Kaivos just to have several patterns available!

Also, the envelope would really benefit from having some way to modulate its amplitude. Some way to have the red output of the sequencer modulate its level (: