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Hi, in Ableton Live 9.1.6 when I use Kaivo, the CPU usage meter stays over 40% all the time, even if I don't play a note. And for any patch I use, the usage goes over 70%. I tried the same in Reaper 4.7xx and even for the pads the CPU usage is not higher than 5% even for the pads with voice put to 8.
Is this a known bug and do you intend to fix this ? Thanks

Hi randy, is the feature that shows you also your D: drive when importing samples still planned for the next Kaivo update ?

Hi, it's nice to see that other harddisks like D: will be added, as this bugs me quite a lot, since I have all my samples on my second hard disk.

Another cool feature would be if you could simply add a sample by drag & drop, for example from Live's Browser. That would be awesome.

Thanks to both of you for the info.