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With all its flexibility, Virta should be a useful tool for all those times when you get an idea for a new way to mangle audio, but the idea isn’t so complicated that you need to reach for Max/MSP. It’s going to sound great. More info and pricing late September.

This text is from newsletter. I hope to see some Virta news today. :)


is it possible for Aalto to have leak? :)

Looks like loading time of the plugin is 2.5 times faster now. :)

OSX 10.7.5 BWS 1.3 rc1 (64bit vst)

One of my patches now playing with pitch drift or how to call it.

I load the same patch in both versions.


I saved 1.1 default patch and opened in 1.2. Before with my old school computer I was able to play 6 voices and now with 1.2 it's only 5 before crackles.

Now I have installed both of them. I will try to test and compare them.

These days when everyone is on fire with updates like OS, DAW, Plugins it's so difficult to keep up your system stable.

OSX 10.7.5
BWS 1.3 rc1 (64bit vst)

Thanks Randy for update.

This looks very nice. I stared at it for 30 min. and my head was exploding with artificial sounds. :) Hope to hear this monster in real live soon.

If you need beta testers just count me in.

A pint of beer is on me. :)

Hello Randy,

what do you think about shuffle feature for sequencers in Aalto and Kaivo?

Great news! Are you planning this after or before your new plugin? Can't wait for both of them. :) If you need beta tester just let me know. :)

Any hints on a new plugin? :)

Exactly. Patcher is much more readable UI and works very well with modulation system. This is the soul of these instruments. Hardly imaginable other way. :)

I can not find environment menu that contains editor and OSC settings. And macros are not working properly in Bitwig. Values just go all the way up. Automation is broken.

OSX 10.10.3 Biwig 1.1.5.