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It seemed worth sharing here. I think I have learned about Randy's inspirations and motivations for instrument design over the years, but it was nice seeing everything in a condensed interview.


If it helps in any way, Modartt seems to have cracked the problem with the recently released Pianoteq for iOS. They have a limited number of license activations so maybe their solution is even overkill compared to what you would need. Beat Scholar from Modalics was released yesterday with what looks like a similar solution.

Thanks for replying Randy, best of lucks with what remains! :)

Any chance you can provide another link to the Discord, Randy?

@randy that’s great to hear! I hope there are good news in 2022. By the way, if you’re looking for beta testers don’t hesitate to come to the Audiobus forum, there are very capable folks over there.

Hi! I was wondering if there are any plans for supporting the upcoming Apple ARM processors (and if that could mean any kind of support for iOS)


Thanks for the update, these are all really great news, both because of what you see performance-wise and your support plans :)

The only thing I miss from my days producing on my desktop PC is Aalto. It would be an instant purchase for me, I really hope it happens!