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Great first attempt on a fx-unit. Great sound.
I miss 2 things;

a) the ability to pay using Paypal (can't buy it now, weird)
b) a modulation knob on the reverb (speed and depth)


When automating (or attaching a LFO to a parameter), closing and reopening the UI, makes the plugin go back to the original size and all the dials (except the ones that are being automated) are at 0.

The sound doesn't change. It is only the UI that is bugging out.

FL Studio 20.5.1 (latest), Windows 10 x64, VST3

any word/update on this issue?

thanks for adding the video :) That is exactly what's happening in FL Studio as well.

@Randy. Image Line has their business quite in order these days. FL Studio 20.x is stable as hell.

Thanks Randy , lovely!

Done! :D


Well, i don't use a card. So yeah...paypal is a great, easy and fast way to pay for vst's

Sorry, My bad....truly stupid btw. I forgot to download the patches ... .. noobism times 1000. That installer contained all i need :)

Again, sorry :)

My installation is giving te same trouble.
I never moved even one file. The presets and the "wavetables" won't install in the proper folder. Aalto is installed (presets) in the right folder.

I am using Windows 8.1

I don't know if anyone else posted this before, but can we expect something like multiple LFO shapes and even more, a second LFO section? I really mis the second LFO. Shaping would be nice as well. From sine to pulse would be awesome.

I saw, after a pretty huge search, a couple of posts about this.

So, edit

Any thoughts about this at this time??

I am on win7 x64, latest build. And the dials with the detents on them are indeed the ones that give me a headache. Even when i use shift. It is a bit better with the shift pressed. But it seems the resolution is way too low on those knobs.

Almost al other plugins i use are working properly. Diva, Reaktor 5.5, Saurus, Sawer, Harmor, Nemesis etc...

Something else that is really bothering me, are the really fast moving knobs. Is this something that is going to be changed? I use a high DPI mouse, but even then, the knobs are turning way to fast.

Using the shift knob isn't doing the trick either...

Other than this, GREAT and powerful tool!


Thanks for the quick reply!

Well, this sutuation:

OSC: 1st ADSR, Filter 2nd ADRS, LFO to main volume/reverb/whatever, Sequencer to play ARP/sequence.

A very common situation i think.

How to modulate the rest, if the 1ste, 2nd ADSR, the LFO and the SEQ have to be steady? Even more, how to modulate the LFO when the rest must stay the way it is?

No worries :) it is a great verb, sounds lush. Currently using EOS and Adverb (chained) a lot. Great stuff from Audio Damage, although pretty simple.

another question about this reverb; Are there any parameters that can be changed? Or is it just one type of setting?

Awesome semi-modular synth you've build my friend! Thumbs up and thnx for the great update :)