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everything fine here - thank you !

ps when i just checked again the update announcement on KVR, i realized, that i updated 3 plugins from different companies simultaneously. If that is any excuse for my imaginary vst3's...

this is really almost creepy: i would have sworn i'd read vst3 and there was a vst3 AALTO after installation in my ableton, but of course you are right, there is NOT. Sorry, it was really late after work and was completely tired and over the top.

my bad, sorry for posting this nonsense here! (but yes, i am using/trying live 10 beta at the moment)

still, AALTO crashes ableton.

i send you another crash report, that includes all system information too

weird, vst and au are fine here, but vst3 not..


when scanning after update, KAIVO vst3 got accepted, but AALTO vst 3crashed my live 10suite (imac i7 highsierra) immediately and got blocked from rescanning