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Hi Randy,

could you please make (if possible) the Y value in the client for Soundplane assignable to any value, in the MPE mode.

I have just discovered that U-HE`s Bazille has voice-per-channel operation and it works great with pitch (x) and aftertouch (z) but the Y should be MW.

I found a workaround to use MidiPipe to convert the value to MW (or I could use MaxMsp) but it would be great if it could be done directly in the client.

I wish you a nice day here form Yangon


"Do you hear the raw audio underneath the plugin? I'm using a PC, but I can't imagine it being different at this point. Are you selecting Virta specifically as an FX and not VSTi?
The rest of your setup I had, along with a couple other configs. I doubt that this is a Mac vs. Pc thing, but maybe!
I should note that I am using an RME interface and am quite confident that I have the Totalmix setup right."

Hi Zegogo ,

Yes, I am selecting Virta as a FX.
I don't use a virtual instrument but a effect plugin so instead of AUI I use AU.
If I use VSTi (instrument then I hera the audio under.

Totalmix can be a problem as well.
On the audio input channel in Totalmix choose on the pull-down menu (under the fader) the output to your speakers (or main out) and then turn it down.

It will work ! And it will be great !

This is how I use Virta with a MAC OSX . I don`t know how it is used on a PC .


1.Create New Audio Track
2. Load Virta AU as a FX on the track
3. Select the Audio Input (From Sound Card) on the track
4. Arm Record the track
5. Click on the monitor input (small speaker sign) on the track
5a. If you have an audio file you wish to process then put it on the track and switch of the monitor input

Midi Control :
1.Create New Audio Track
2.Choose MIDI as input
3.Arm track
4.Click on ROUTE
6.Add new send to the track where Virta AU is
7.Click on the monitor input (small speaker sign) on the track

Greeting from Yangon,

I was asked to prepare some sounds for a gallery in Belgrade, Serbia and I recorded so much with the Soundplane, Kaivo and Aalto that I made it in a recording available for listening and download.


I have created some videos as well and they are here :


I wish you all a great day/night



well, this morning again there was no PB information either from the official client nor from the TB .

But then it came back .. I really dont know how , why and i will look into it more if it happens and tell you.

It could be of course me but it was a bit wierd.

In any case I than kyou again and wish you a nice day here from never ending moonson land


"The only thing is that it would be great to have pitch control on the x . Not sure why you did not put it
not quite sure I understand you, in single mode PB is also sent, and operates exactly as official app. i.e. single PP sends out PB, 1, PP. (assuming bend range >0)"

This is so weird as your build does not send PB on X on single mode nor does the oficial one (and it did before ufff) .
I have to check this but when I tried it I thought that you just don`t have the PB on X .. just wierd.

I am monitoring with Midi Monitor OSX and no PB.

Let me check tomorrow and try to understand what`s happening.

""I guess we could have an option to send X on a CC (rather than PB), but usually you don't need this, since in the synth you turn bend range to 0, and then use a mod matrix to route PB to a control. (this has the advantage PB is 14 bit)"

This is not neceseryI think PB is fine on X.

"rankly, I don't use single channel mode much... Ive not got enough synths (+reakto / max / axoloti) that support VpC or MPE that I just stick with them, and when I do (rarely) use single channel mode, its usually for something like pianoteq, or something with pp (alchemy)"

I just tryed the demo of XILS4 and I think it sounds reall really great . For that I would use the single mode.

But sound is really subjective as for instance I really do not like Reaktor and I do not know why :-).

"what exactly do you use x/dX for? personally I only use pitch, as I use it for key tracking, I never used dX as to modulate it would also affect pitch which is undesirable for me."

Not sure how I used it then as in my case it did not affect the pitch . I used it in a lott of modulation very subtly .
What was importsnt for me that the value started woth 0 and then I could go plus on X .

Best would be to send you a preset , but I lost my Dx :-) . I actually have to make my presets again in Kaivo and Aalto wihich is not a big problem as it is fun .

Maybe I will send you a Max Msp patch with my idea of the DX usage.

"This is the great thing about the SP we all use it in different ways, but it does make it tricky when adding features, as obviously I add for how I use it :)"


"x/dX... yeah there are quite a few options once you get into this.. (e.g.key position) i support with dX we could send 0 to 1 rather than -1 to 1, where 0.5 = original position. this would essentially be the same approach as midi. the 'downside' is things like aalto, currently have dY as -1 to 1...
frankly this, is what I was saying about the Eigenharp approach, its much better, as it allows all aspects to be changed... because there are just so many possible combinations, depending upon the capabilities of the synth. check this out: EigenD Matrix note: this is an older version, the newer one has curves, so you can choose anything from exponential/linear (by varying degrees)"

I just want my Dx back :-)

I have to try the EigenD Matrix and software again , to be honest the first time I just found it to complicated to achieve very simpolke results but again it must be me.

On the other hand now I am very close to have enough software with my SP. Bazille is now just great , XILS4 has the sound I like and Kaivo and Aalto are like born for the SP love love love.

The one thing I am trying to achive is maybe some kind of sample manipulation not sure yet what kind or what but something . Maybe just a simple start end point manipulation , position thing but somethiong which is "fluid" and can maybe even do live sampling.

But again enough I have and I love my "problems" :-)

"I think randy is not in favour of this, due to the 'complexity', but Im getting increasingly tempted to add something like it to my setup. probably a simplified form, as its true, i tend to use only a few different combinations."

I don`t know . These "modes" add al ott to the client and they are very simple. I vote Yes :-)

But I know Randy is doing a lot now and he is super busy but really he should be proud of these instruments he created.

I wish you all a good night here from Yangon and thank you for making this version of the client

HI again ,

"will they be ok with x/y coming across as negative..."

I have no idea maybe I will try something in max but one could just prevent it from doing negative or have a choice . But to be honest I have no idea bu I like the Dx as it then actually adds the x to each pad of the Soundplane. But it is coming back :-)

After my total excitement with Multi PB,1,CP mode I tried single-pp with some older soft synths and it works just great and opens so uch new stuff :-).
The only thing is that it would be great to have pitch control on the x .
Not sure why you did not put it .
cc1 on y is great and PP but x is missing :-)

I vote to have these modes in the oficall client .

Thank you so much and have a nice day

Thank you so much for doing this and again for beeing so active !

It works really well !

I am now using the mulit PB,1,CP mode with Bazille and it works so great I can not stop playing :-).

All the other things you are planing to implemet sound great as well and I have not much to add.

The only thing and I think Randy is thinking in the smae way is to some ho add the Dx and Dy feauters in the client (I hope I understood this well) .

So for instance you could say that the pitch bend has the valuse of 0 on touch and then from there it adds .
This option could be something the user could choose in the client interface.

The same for Y (CC1 in Bazille`s case).

I am so happy and thank Randy for these great instruments and you for your work.

wishing you a nice day from Yangon

Thank you Randy.

Ohh please send me the app ohh yes .

come from the modular world so Bazilla is super easy for me to use and it is actaully a great synth.

Here is my email so you can send it rastkolazic(at)gmail.com

thank you so much

Thank you so much !

I think I can make it now, with your explanation .

I want to use it in some FM synths I made in MaxMsp , simple but nice. I like the raw FM sound.

I did make some kind of Dx but it was a bit complicated .
Actually now when I look at it it is very similar to what you suggest so I am not sooo bad at it :-)

And thank you so much for what you are doing for the development of these great instruments.
Maybe I did not comment enough your work but really thank you for sharing your work.

have a nice day here from Yangon

Hi again,

yes I am active today.

I was just wondering why the Dx disappeared form the new Kaivo and Aalto version`s ?

Since I understood what they do I actually loved my Dx and used it in almost all my patches.

I can live without it for the sake of satbility (especially Kaivo) but I was just wondering ...

Could you please be so kind , when you have time or anybody else who knows how, to post a MaxMsp patch witch would inlude both Dx and Dy ?
I made something but my MaxMsp skills are still not so vcould so I am wondering how to do it properly.

kind regards


"I know I sent one instrument to a hot climate—I can ask the customer how it's going or maybe @rastkopravi will see this and give us some info."


yes I live in a rather extreme of temperatures 40 Celsius in April and then like rain for four months with humidity 100 :-) Burma.

But I keep my instruments in a air conditioned room and I have a dehumidifier in the same room.

My Soundplane works really well.
I took it for concerts here and in Vietnam outdoors https://vimeo.com/127172158 and everything was ok . Great actually :-)

It was stuck in the Myanamr customs for a month and it was either humid or hot in that storage but again all was well.

sorry I could not help more and I send you greetings from the rainy Yangon



this is great news .

I agree with Timoka : "i think the combination of the pressure cv and a gate or trigger output is really nice and maybe better to have both at the same time rather than a switch."

I too would probably get the expansion for four voices but two is fine for the base module.

"Our current idea is that you can edit zone maps on a computer, then download them to the module. On the module you can just select them."

One should maybe only have a button (scrolling through the zone presets) and a small display with a preset number.
The zone description could be done on paper (a drawing of the soundplane) .

This is how I do it with the Nord Micro Modular and it works great.

I wish you all a nice day here from Yangon !


Greetings from Myanmar ,

I am trying to divide the Soundplane into two zones and two midi channels. I suppose the "channel" is for midi channel.

It does not work, it is only sending on channel one both "zones" .
What am I doing wrong ?

Here is the script :


"zone": {
    "type": "note_row",
    "name": "zone_1",
    "channel": 1,
    "note": 70,

    "rect": [0, 0, 14, 5]
"zone": {
    "type": "note_row",
    "name": "zone_2",
    "channel": 2,
    "note": 100,
             "rect":    [14, 0, 16, 5]


thank you


Thank you so much for you answer`s.

It would be great if in the future software version there is a possibility to choose the note_raw channel.

I know and used the multi_chan option but having the possibility to assign the channels for splits will make things much clearer.

have a nice day


Greetings form Myanmar !

I have recently got my Soundplane and I love it .

One thing that I do not understand is the X sensing and I am hoping that some of you can help me.

Is the X sensor working across the whole plane only? Unlike Y which can work on every pad ?

What is the matrix switch on the client software ?
Does that switch on the X ?

What is dX and dY on Aalto when one is using the osc connection ?
I think it is double value X and Y.

Yesterday I was playing and suddenly noticed that lower pads (like four of them in the middle) on the Soundplane where rather jittery then the rest on the Z touch.
I checked with the software and sure enough there was a visible jitter in the lower part middle.
This is something I could hear.

I tried “massaging” and various settings on the client but it did not work .

Then I by chance "grabbed" the Soundplane by it`s left upper corner (moe where the logo is and the USB connector) with a pinch like grab, squeezing gently the top and bottom together right there where the logo is.
Suddenly the plane on the graphic (calibrated) was super straight not only in the middle but everywhere on the plane.

I know about earthing issues (could be the the problem) as half of my instrument`s rely on good grounding and I think I have here in the house good ground.

In any case I woke up this morning calibrated the Sound plane and all was fine (!?) it was jittery on the calibrated app display (very little jitter) but it was even and sounded great on the whole surface …..

Yesterday I had the air-condition in the room on and off.

The one thing that is really weird that still when I grab the left upper corner it is like straight on the calibrated app display, almost no jitter at all.

It is incredible good even without the grabbing of the left corner but I am just interested to see if somebody has an explanation for this strange behaviour.
As I said now there is very little even jitter across the whole surface (no problem for playing) but as I soon as I touch the left upper corner it just vanishes almost totally .

In any case I can not be more happier with this beautiful instrument and I wish you all the best here from Yangon.


Hi Randy,

thank you very much for your answer.

I did choose "select carriers" still there is even jitter across the plane.
But this could be normal and it does not affect the playing.
Let me play a bitt and maybe I will send you a video screen grab so you can tell me is it normal or not .
Then you will see also the effect of me touching the corner.

I have massive problems with electricity here so even if I think my grounding is ok who knows ...

OK, now I understand the x,y and the dX and dY (I was close with double x,y :-)).

Thank you once more and I wish you a nice day here from Yangon


10 for me please


Reaper has a MIDI learn capability.
Move a "knob" with your mouse, click on param and then learn.

hope this helps and I wish you a nice day