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A little sequenced beat I made:

Listen here:

<Aalto pluginVersion="66049" presetName="ElementaryChill" scaleName="12-equal" scaleDir="" key_mod="1" seq_host="1" seq_trig="1" seq_rate="0" seq_offset_p="-1" seq_pulse_delay="3.5" seq_value4="1" seq_value6="0.544642866" seq_value7="0.0625" seq_value8="0.258928597" seq_value12="1" seq_value13="0.00892853737" seq_value14="0.508928597" seq_value15="0.723214328" seq_pulse0="1" seq_pulse1="1" seq_pulse2="1" seq_pulse4="1" seq_pulse7="1" seq_pulse10="1" seq_pulse11="1" seq_pulse14="1" seq_pulse15="1" lfo_freq="4" lfo_noise="1" lfo_level="0.959999979" lfo_freq_p="1.51999998" env1_attack="0.101000004" env1_sustain="0.660000026" env1_attack_p="-0.00999999978" env2_repeat="220" env2_xvel="1" osc_noise="0.379999995" osc_timbre="0.319999993" osc_noise_p="1" osc_ratio_p="4" osc_offset_p="4" osc_index_p="3.79999995" osc_timbre_p="1" osc_pitch_lin_p="20000" osc_waveshape_p="0.839999974" osc_mod_out="1" delay_input="0.930000007" delay_drive="0.569999993" delay_feedback="0.200000003" delay_freq="879.99939" delay_drive_p="0.209999993" delay_feedback_p="0.5" delay_output_wet="2.1500001" filter_cutoff="2519" filter_cutoff_p="-2.33999991" filter_q_p="0.74000001" filter_mix_p="0.620000005" output_reverb_p="0.349999994" output_pan_p="0.479999989" patcher_input_1="000000000000100000000000000" patcher_input_4="000000000000000000000000010" patcher_input_5="001000000000000000000011000" patcher_input_6="000000000000000100000000000" patcher_input_7="000000100000000000000000000" patcher_input_9="000000000000010000000000000" patcher_input_10="011000000000000000000000011" patcher_input_11="000000000010001110101010000"/>

This patch seems to make all audio from Logic stop. Anyone else?

<Aalto pluginVersion="66049" presetName="EvilBeat" scaleName="12-equal" scaleDir="" key_voices="2" seq_host="1" seq_rate="0" seq_range="26" seq_quantize="1" seq_pw="11" seq_value0="0.133928597" seq_value1="0.00892853737" seq_value7="0.00892853737" seq_value8="0.991071463" seq_value9="0.00892853737" seq_pulse0="1" lfo_freq="0.230000004" lfo_level="1" env1_trig_select="2" env2_repeat="1.52968752" env2_attack="0.0920000002" env2_release="0.0399999991" env2_trig_select="2" env2_repeat_p="3.18000007" osc_waveshape="-0.899999976" osc_pitch_lin_p="17580" patcher_input_1="000000000000100000000000000" patcher_input_8="000000000000100100000000000" patcher_input_11="000000000000000100000000000"/>

Is it possible to automate the sequencer note on/off buttons in logic? I'm not able to get it to learn and it they don't record automation data - but the red value sliders do.

Alrighty - added and shaped this badboy up, I think it's looking pretty good now and has a couple cool things in there. Comments can now have a soundcloud embed, as well as the patches (subscribes are also working on the comments). Let me know if you guys have any other ideas. Got an article on CDM and got a fair amount of traffic and sign ups, looks like the ball is a-rolling.

Also, does the audio player crash safari for anyone? Running 5.0.5 version here and get crashes every time. I'd love to get a better audio player in there - this one isn't very attractive, but works and took zero coding.

@technomonkey - No problem - happy to have a little project to work on. My wife slapped a little design on it yesterday. Added a soundcloud embed field, but it's not displaying the nice big soundcloud player. Either way, progress. If you have any ideas on promoting feel free to do so. 41 visitors yesterday, so that's pretty cool :)

I posted on gearslutz in the Aalto thread and went to the monome boards, but someone beat me to it.

I tried out the demo and didn't have any problems with that patch. Went back to the old component and then had issues after opening that one again. I played with the new component a while and couldn't reproduce any issues.

I have the same behavior, latest versions of logic, os x (10.6.8) and aalto. I have the 17" 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7 laptop, recently got.

I can fix it by clearing the aalto plugin and then re-inserting it.

One time this happened when a one of the synth parameters was at the max and I put another patch into it and pushed it further (if this is possible?).

I'll be sure to note when it happens in the future. Since working about 2 hours today it happened about 4 or 5 times.

Is there a difference between Windows and OS X patches?


I would rather there be spaces inbetween tags, oh well.

Thanks! Added a bit to the Finn factory preset.

Awesome patches guys! Pleasantly surprised to see some new stuff up there :)

Thanks for trying it out - appreciate you help.

I'll add that in - that's what I was thinking - cpu mostly, since this thing is a bit of a beast.

The look can be swapped out easily - I need to browse a bit more and see what is out there.

Added a few more bits to this..

Patches organized by contibutor,


according to keyed or sequenced,


number of voices,

hmmm - didn't think about this. Will add if you think it would be useful.

pad/lead/perc/bass etc,


upload date,


perhaps a rating/favoriting system.

will add this

Thinking that something like this would be a CC license. Users could delete if they desired though.

Worked a bit on this today. Any feedback on the upload form would be appreciated. Platform field needed?

Still a bit to do with the navigation here.

I set up this site a few years ago, playing with the idea of a general patch upload area for EVERYTHING. Creating a site for just one synthesizer would be much easier to categorize properly instead of relying on tags alone as I did.

Never promoted it and really just left it alone - just a few of my patches up there right now.

It's done in Drupal 5 iirc.

Just a little example of what can be done in a day or two of CMS config :) I've been wanting to see what WordPress could do in this area so maybe I'll play around a bit and see what it can do. Drupal is such a pain to maintain and upgrade.

"If you make a patch from "voice" to any parameter that can be modulated, you will see that parameter "multiplied" by however many voices are running. This is powerful: the filter can have four outputs at once, for example. So can the waveguide."

So the value of the parameter is multiplied or the number of instances of the module are multiplied? The voice control of key leaves me a bit confused.

"Thus, each voice is separately controllable, in timbre, modulation, and all of its parameters."

At some point all the voices are combined, aren't they? At the waveguide/delay?

I've been having a few crashes tonight while playing with the synth. The demo crashed when pressing the synth wavform buttons a few times, so I didn't do that anymore. Now I've gotten two crashes in the last 30 minutes. Once when loading up a fresh Aalto and another when clicking in the sequencer I think.

Can we give you crash logs? I'm up to help any way possible.

OS X 10.6.7
Logic Pro 9.1.4
Aalto 1.2 (AU.32)

Thread 5 Crashed:
0 libSystem.B.dylib 0x9535d51e __semwait_signal_nocancel + 10
1 libSystem.B.dylib 0x9535d402 nanosleep$NOCANCEL$UNIX2003 + 166
2 libSystem.B.dylib 0x953d8286 usleep$NOCANCEL$UNIX2003 + 61
3 libSystem.B.dylib 0x953f9959 __abort + 136
4 libSystem.B.dylib 0x953f99c9 abort_report_np + 0
5 0x00409049 std::ostream& TraceOutContainer(std::ostream&, CEvs, char const, int) + 3984441
6 libSystem.B.dylib 0x9535648b _sigtramp + 43
7 ??? 0x0000000b 0 + 11
8 ...madronalabs.aalto.component 0x5bd82c6d 0x5bc8b000 + 1014893
9 ...madronalabs.aalto.component 0x5bd8361e 0x5bc8b000 + 1017374
10 ...madronalabs.aalto.component 0x5bd0d1bc 0x5bc8b000 + 532924
11 ...madronalabs.aalto.component 0x5bd0d1bc 0x5bc8b000 + 532924
12 ...madronalabs.aalto.component 0x5bce4c87 0x5bc8b000 + 367751
13 ...madronalabs.aalto.component 0x5bd0d1bc 0x5bc8b000 + 532924
14 ...madronalabs.aalto.component 0x5bd0d1bc 0x5bc8b000 + 532924
15 ...madronalabs.aalto.component 0x5bcdcb33 0x5bc8b000 + 334643
16 ...madronalabs.aalto.component 0x5bdf410b 0x5bc8b000 + 1478923
17 ...madronalabs.aalto.component 0x5c2da2cf AaltoEntry + 12031
18 ...madronalabs.aalto.component 0x5bccb9b0 0x5bc8b000 + 264624
19 ...madronalabs.aalto.component 0x5bcd1ce7 0x5bc8b000 + 290023
20 ...madronalabs.aalto.component 0x5c2d73fe AaltoEntry + 46
21 ...ple.CoreServices.CarbonCore 0x9715e70f CallComponentDispatch + 29
22 0x98e845d2 AudioUnitRender + 67
23 0x005b495c std::ostream& TraceOutContainer(std::ostream&, CEvs, char const
, int) + 5735756
24 0x02cdc687 MD::PluginProcess(MDProcInfo, MDPlug, float const, long, long, long, eProcessLevel) + 4007
25 0x02cdd6a1 MD::StreamProcessing(eProcessLevel, long, long, long) + 1681
26 0x02ce02f1 MD::Process(eProcessLevel) + 369
27 0x02ce9193 MD::DriverCallback(IODriverAudioPB
) + 8963
28 0x02cfc5b2 GetCurrentCoreAudioDeviceNameFromUserDefaults(signed char) + 5362
29 0x98ca5028 HP_IOProc::Call(AudioTimeStamp const&, AudioTimeStamp const&, AudioBufferList const, AudioTimeStamp const&, AudioBufferList) + 374
30 0x98ca4d8e IOA_Device::CallIOProcs(AudioTimeStamp const&, AudioTimeStamp const&, AudioTimeStamp const&) + 370
31 0x98ca4b7e HP_IOThread::PerformIO(AudioTimeStamp const&, double) + 620
32 0x98ca1f40 HP_IOThread::WorkLoop() + 2506
33 0x98ca1571 HP_IOThread::ThreadEntry(HP_IOThread) + 17
34 0x98ca1488 CAPThread::Entry(CAPThread
) + 140
35 libSystem.B.dylib 0x9531d819 _pthread_start + 345
36 libSystem.B.dylib 0x9531d69e thread_start + 34

Thanks Randy - I look forward to the release.

Thanks Randy - I look forward to the release.

Another crash like before - this is what is happening:

Aalto stops responding to changes in the sequencer
I reset my channel strip in logic
Reload my Aalto channel strip
Logic crashes

I found my way here from that article. The interface on this thing is just great - I'm still working out how everything works though. I'd love to see a longer manual explaining everything for the novice. It's my first time really trying to understand a modular type synth.

The set of patches showing fundamentals are helping, but a text explanation would also be helpful to accompany them.

I love how you can preview the patches cables by hovering over the destination.