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looking for it on audiobus2 !! also using audiomux/midimux tethered to macbook over usb.

but, another plugin... also good!

this year's Kyma International Sound Symposium is in Bozeman Montana at Montana State University, August 9-12. I'm attending and wonder if others here will be there?


it would help my understanding, I expect. maybe you can put it into a zip? via email?


nice work. are there more details on the soundplane setup you are using?

I'm looking, too. In Oregon.

Found one!

oh give me a plane where my fingers can roam
and the skeys slide away in my dreams

home, home on the range,
where the Aleph and Kyma thrash
CV and gates
microtone states

put me out of my soundplaneless
checking on the forum page
can't sing but keep trying, misery

my soundplane februsplaneuary blues

got a draft of 1.3x changes in manual form?

in live 8.2.2 new max for live extensions were added. in this case I have hooked an lfo device to the waveshape parameter. in principle it should work for any parameter that is exposed in the vst. don't know how to link images so I'll crosslink to http://post.monome.org/comments.php?DiscussionID=8885&page=2#Item_3

do I just go ahead and pay now, or is there a magic page change?