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I have Aalto and Kaivo registered in my account but the discount only considers Kaivo and not both...

VST2 is discontinued but it still works. :)

The only hosts that will stop loading VST2s are Steinberg's own, really.

Just one question: when are you taking our money? :)

Please do, and as soon as you possibly can, because it is super-annoying to first always resize Aalto every time I open it. It makes me not wanna use it :(

Also default size != instance size, instance size should of course be stored with DAW project and used normally. Default size would just be used at first load of plugin.

A simple "make current zoom level the default" option under the cogwheel menu will be absolutely sufficient!


Is there any way to do this? Every time I stretch Aalto or Kaivo to the size I want, remove instance, load it again, it goes back to default size. Quite annoying.

Latest versions of everything. Thanks!

Is it only an effect, or can it be a synth solely with MIDI input?

Cool, thanks for the info :)

Soooo, a year and a half after... multicore and CPU consumption improvements in Kaivo when, Randy? :)

Eagerly awaiting that, then!

@randy - but over here on Windows at least, folders are always shown before files... That's what throws me off really.

I have a problem (well, a visual one at least) with the patch browser menu in Aalto.

Currently it sorts files and folders as if they were the same thing, meaning if you have a file named "Default" outside of all folders, it will sort it between two folders.

Can you make it so that files are shown after folders in the patch menu?

Also, when I instantiate Aalto, the preset shown is "Aalto default". Despite me having a "Default.mlpreset" in the Aalto presets folder. Can you make it so that Aalto loads whatever is in "Default.mlpreset" if it's found in \Madrona Labs\Aalto\ preset folder?


8 would be awesome, 16 would be STELLAR! (CPUs will only get more powerful, so why not have more in store for them to chew on?) If Kaivo can, why not Aalto too? :)

Totally on the fence about buying Aalto, but 4 voices of poly feels limiting to me. Doubling it would seal the deal for me.

Thank you!