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It sure would be nice to have it as a 64-bit AAX plugin for Pro Tools 11. I use Ableton Suite and when pressed, Logic Pro, so obviously I have ways to use Aalto. I'm thrilled with the purchase of this fine instrument. It's just that I would like to be able to use it in Pro Tools. If I remember correctly from browsing around the forum, there are no plans at present to port it over to 64-bit AAX but I'm just putting in my vote for Pro Tools 11 compatibility.



Just a quick report to let you know that Aalto integrates with Reason flawlessly. The great news is that all of Aalto's parameters show up in the VST modulation matrix so everything can be modulated by Reason devices like the Pulsar dual LFO. Very cool.

Standalone with an audio recorder.

Mostly what I do with Aalto is leave the oscillators free running, and use modulation to create moving timbres. The sequencer plays a huge role in this as I use it for all kinds of modulation, not just melodic. I then record the audio results.

Despite the fact that I have the sequencer's clock set to INT, the clock reacts to Logic's transport by freezing on whatever step it was on at the time play/record was started. If I go into GUI and click EXT-INT, the clock returns to it's normal state.

This did not happen in 1.6, There was maybe a little hiccup as the transport started but the clock instantly recovered to resume modulation as intended.

Any ideas?


LPX 10.2.0

Missed this one. Wasn't subscribed either. Next time there's a 50% off, I'm getting Kaivo.

Converter worked great for me in 1.6.1

Just reporting that Aalto VST receives Maschine's host clock but the AU version does not.

Oh yeah! Saving my shekels rat now!

Thanks, Randy. Actually couldn't bring myself to buy the Retina version. I'm too old school to have everything affixed to the motherboard. I have this irrational need to know I can swap out RAM or a hard drive! :-)

Hi Randy,

With the VST64 version of 1.5, in Ableton Live, 9.1.1, once I change from the default patch, Aalto does not respond to the computer keyboard for MIDI note commands. If I disable and then reenable computer keyboard input, Aalto does respond. The AU version does not have this issue. I tend to prefer using the VST versions of plugins because at least in my experience, Live seems to like them more. Will use AU version of Aalto for the time being.

Also, I am noticing a pronounced increase in cpu usage with 1.5.

These are the first two things that have come up. Will report other things if they occur.



Aalto 1.5, MacBook Pro, 8 GB RAM, Mavericks 10.9.1, 2.7 Ghz Intel Core Duo, Ableton Live 9.1.1 64-bit.

I get it. I can't stand the idea putting out something I've done if I don't feel it's ready. I respect your integrity. Happy Holidays and here's to 2014 - The Year of the Kaivo

Chomping at the bit for this!

Oddly enough, the VST version works fine but with the AU version, the UI is not accessible. OSX 10.9

Update: bit the bullet and upgraded to the new Maschine 2.0 software. Audio unit works fine.

Having a ball with this synth. Couple of things that would be cool:

Make the sequencer bidirectional and make the direction modulatable. Also, scalable to 32 steps.

Shape control for LFO.

Finer resolution for oscillator pitch. Even with shift-drag, we only get one decimal place.

Syncable delay to host tempo or internal sequencer.

Second LFO, both LFO's cross-modulatable without using up LFO outputs.

Have a bipolar option for LFO. EDIT: Oops, I meant bipolar sequencer..

Of course, Aalto is great as is. Love exploring it. Just having a free-running oscillator is so cool; it's one of the things I miss most from my modular days.

Thanks for the quick reply and the tip. I downloaded the Metaplugin demo. Interestinhgly enough, it only works in the MIDI track/Aux configuration. On the instrument channel, it won't receive MIDI, although for generative patches, the audio does work.This is true of all wrapped plugins, not just Aalto. Certainly, this is a way to get Aalto into Pro Tools.