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So. No Native Aalto or Kaivo as of now?

Sorry, I was in a slightly cranky mode already, and then remembered I hadn't used kaivo in quite a long time and ran into the bug again. =)

Anyway, good news if you're able to reproduce. A fix would be great!

Well. It's been well over a year. Still no word on this. I've made a small video showing the phenomenon. The further to the right in the sample the granulator reads, the worse the pitch resolution. The sample used is a 8 seconds long sawtooth of constant pitch.


Sorry for the rather bad audio quality, recorded from speakers to laptop microphone...

This makes Kaivo pretty much useless for the kinds of sound I was planning to use it for (morphing wavetable kind of sounds using 4 channel wavefiles, with distinct pitch), so it's more or less sat unused since I bought it at full price. Not too happy about this...

Sounds like the issues I'm having. Try sampling an 8 seconds sawwave with constanst pitch, and then play in low octaves, pitching down an octave or two from base pitch, and then move the playback position around. Also, it only seem to happen on certain notes. A low C is a good note to reproduce it for me, low E doesn't seem to change pitch.

(OSX VST in Live)

Just thought, it would be totally kick-ass to have an audio input into Kaivo, that could be fed through the resonator and body (and LPG).

In Kaivo, it would be very nice to have a linear envelope shape for scanning through the granulator. (or even better, a knob for freely selectable envelope shape)

On OSX 10.9, Ableton live 64bit 9.1 and Kaivo VST 1.0.

Really strange behaviour here. If I load a custom sample, 8 seconds long, of a sawtooth wave just playing a static 440Hz. I set pitch at 0, rate at 7, X-pos in the very beginning of the sample, wrap off, and play, everything is fine. If I then play a low C, everything is still fine, until I start to move the X-pos slider. When the slider passes somewhere approx half way, the note suddenly changes to one semitone up. Playing A# and doing the same, makes the note jump one semitone down instead. Whaaat?

In fact, with the X slider all the way to the right, pitch track is seeeriously off. In the lower registers, it's like it quantizes to four pitches per octave or so, and further up the scale it's just basically rather out of tune.


First of all, let me just say that I love aalto. Absolutely fantastic sound and feature set, and pretty unique in this world of "yet another subtractive 3-osc emulation".

That said, and while I understand (i think?) the nod towards West Coast Modular, there are still some advantages soft synths have over hardware modulars I would like to see implemented. (These are pretty much the same features I would like to have on my hardware eurorack modular)

First of all, stepped responses on some of the controls. The octave stepping as default on the ModOsc frequency and waveguide for instance are great! I would however like to have, say, an "alt-key" option for stepping exact semitones, not just full octaves. (same goes for all modulation amount knobs that modulate parameters having "musical pitch", so to speak.

Also, host tempo sync option for LFO and Env repeat would be great.

And, while I'm at it. You wouldn't happen to have any plans on releasing the Aalto oscillator as an eurorack module, would you? ;o)

Oh, forgot one thing.

In the sequencer, when running multiple voices, I think it would be great to have each "voice active led" have a different color, and then use that voice's color in the sequencer position led indicator as well. That way, you could see where each voice was in the sequencer. (Don't know it it would be really useful for anything, but it would be nice... =) )

Will there be VST for mac as well with v1.2?