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great! so excited to try it!

T a k e a b i g b r e a t h . . . . .

Sasmir, you are a bit too much. At least for me. You know, i was near to complain regarding Aalto windows version delivery, since it is also coming a long time ago. And i was about to buy a Mac, because i thought, i cannot wait for the Windows version(have no too much fund, tho). But... WE have to recognize, that it's all about being prejudiced emotionally.

Facts: Yes, there is a lot of "soon" messages on this site. Randy is not a born marketing guru probably, so what. Yes, i check this site almost every day, too. And yes, Randy hasn't promised anything he hasn't fulfilled.

Based on his posts i think i get to know him a bit and i think he is a heart of oak (new phrase ;) ), treading a new path with a tiny team. If you know a lot about music industry, you should be patient.

Your way seeing this thing is totally civilized. In a bad way. Try to stop being a consumer and just be... human. I think Randy got your message right after your first post. So we can expect more specified communication from Madrona Labs.


Pls don't make me buy a Mac!

Somewhere here i read that there will be a beta test 'campaign', too. Well, then i just would like to apply.

Any news?