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Hey Randy

Looks amazing. Do you have a pre-order list going?


What does my account name here, for the comments, have to do with the product email? I dont get it. 2nd email just went out.

Hey guys, I still have not received any emails. Could you please check your support emails?

Randy, email sent. I got the 1.1 email back in Jan so not sure why I did not get this one.

Randy, I only see the demo for download? How do i get the full version when you already purchased a while back?

Come on guys. Time to rise and shine. :) Already 11am here. Coffee is ready to go!!

Is it ready yet?? Windows version. FINALLY!!! ;)


Absolutely fantastic news. I have been using Aalto on a major game title (which i cannot disclose yet) but my only issues are really:

  • I have a mac but i do all my music work on a PC
  • GUI needs a major change, imo.

So im happy to see these things addressed. Let me know about the beta for windows...