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Sounds good. In the meantime, all's well that ends well -- and I'll be taking this out for the first time in a gig in NYC in a couple weeks. Cornelia Street Cafe, Sunday March 15.

I got things working, but only in an unusual way. One by one I dragged a preset from the presents folder on my hard drive onto the Aalto plugin within Live, copied it to RAM, deleted the plug-in, dragged and dropped a new plug-in into a Live track, pasted it, saved as into a new folder and it then appeared in the Aalto presets menu. Nothing else worked.

Randy, I'll try again tonight when I'm home. But I think I not only did this but also quit Live, and then even restarted the computer. But my presets have indeed actually been in the correct folder all along, yet don't appear within the preset menu in Aalto.

All of the user presets seem to have moved to the location you note: /Users/(you)/Library/Audio/Presets/Madrona Labs/Aalto. However, while I see all of the preset folders in that location, when I scroll down within Aalto, I see all of the presents except for the folder or individual ones had created. Then, if I drag and drop one of my presets on top of the Aalto plug-in within Live, my preset folder appears in the menu. However, audio ceases to work.

Have any of you used Konkreet Labs Performer as a controller for Aalto?

This is good news. Having begun using Aalto less than a week ago, I can already say that this is really the first soft syth that works for me. I was a Buchla user in the mid-70s and have missed some of the features that well on display here. One thing I'd love to see in a future upgrade is connectivity, the ability to send and receive data and/or control voltages between Aalto and hardware.

Thanks again, Randy. Nothing obvious or seemingly germane. I'm hoping Will will respond. Will? (thanks in advance!)

Thanks, Randy. That worked (although some of the controllers that appear on the Live template are knobs rather than buttons). However, I cannot get will sanquil's dedicated Aalto template to address Live. I looked at the template in the editor and see no obvious reason why it wouldn't. Any thoughts?

Apologies for the repeated notes - but I discovered one other thing. In Live 8, I only see a single parameter exposed for MIDI mapping (Complex Oscillator noise). I'm wondering if there's some way to expose more of the parameters so that they can be mapped via "configure." Again, thanks.

A related question. Using Live 8, I cannot figure out how to access MIDI mapping of parameters within the Aalto plug-in so that I can use your Lemur template. Any advice? Thanks for that and for doing this project in the first place!

Will your template work with Live 8 (or with hosts other than Live?). Thanks for doing this!