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i set this github repository up, you can clone into the Aalto folder or copy/paste, fork on github, etc. I intend to make little soundcloud examples at some point...

I don't know why I set up a github repo, just wanted to see how it felt.


Hi guys, if I wanted to go completely insane and start using a VCS for my presets (like github, etc), would I just need to version these mlpreset JSON files? That's all I really need for Aalto and Kaivo, right?

like, I'm thinking I could just do a git clone into a subdirectory of ~/Music/Madrona Labs/Aalto and then have at it, right?

On a Mac, trying to copy some Kaivo presets to another computer, where are these guys stored? Thanks!

it is!

Hey all, quick Q: when I go into Browse mode on my Push 2 (Live 9.7.1), I can only see the Default preset under Aalto, no others are available. This used to work, I gather. Is there something I can do to restore this?


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thanks techno bear!