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haven't done the update yet.
but curious if os x users have. and if so, any compatibility issues to report thus far ?

fantastic update! thanks for your insane amount of hard work.

All's well and smooth here in os x Yosemite & Live 9.1.7

Modular sequencer: Makenoise Rene sequencing Aalto in ableton: a studio session excerpt/video

Aalto 1.6 yay! nice.. i like updates :)

can i see a screenshot of the updates to the Aalto interface ?
as far as changes go.
not sure what the difference are.
also, i only use aalto in Live 9.1.1 on os x.

drop down menu still disappears on drop down, and have to do it again to access presets.
cpu spikes here and there.

os x 10.8.5 macbook pro i7 8g

Having to click back on Live's window again to make Aalto responsive to keys again has always been the case...
would love to see this resolved as well, if possible.
its definitely been the only thing that bothers me a bit.
but, currently, i've been sequencing aalto with modular.

k. so i needed to re-download v1.5 for mac, did that.
the release notes still say February 14.

Aalto 2.0 ...?

sweet. thanks Randy

just revisiting this thread whilst thinking of the free Reverb. and how it was only 32bit.
and you mentioned a new free project taking the place of Aaltoverb...?
curious about this,.
i absolutely love the reverb in aalto.

Sequencing Aalto in Ableton Live,
with eurorack modular sequencer MakeNoise Rene.
drums via NI Battery.

Line-level audio from ableton here:

Video here:

haven't taken the plunge yet. anyone using Aalto 1.4.1. under Mavericks/w/Ableton with news to report ?

hay ya'll. i put up a free summer studio sessions album for download on me bandcamp. Aalto features as the main synth for sound design on every track. thought i'd share.

chimchimcharoooo! ...

aalto bringin much joy to the gritty bass:

Nice. are you running Live v9.0.6 ?

one of my first fully realized aalto melodic presets with some offbeat percussive treatment.
Started the social experiment journey with iTunes singles..0.99cents a cut.


99% of the synth/lead/clicks/boops/bams are made with Aalto in this studio session album release on bandcamp:


oh. kaivo preview. right. is kaivo replacing aalto ?

oooh my, Aalto 2 coming this week ? !
This is exciting!

well, my default plugin is Aalto, i've recently started the foray into eurorack sequencing via the k4815 pattern generator.
heres todays deep space experiment.

Altering and toying with Iannix, an open source graphic sequencer, sending ableton live 9 waves of midi, triggering Aalto & robert henkes' max for live synth Granulator.
Altering and toying with Iannix, an open source graphic sequencer, sending ableton live 9 waves of midi, triggering Aalto & robert henkes' max for live synth Granulator.

indeed. i'm still scratching the surface. lots going on there. and not being a coder/scripter makes it even harder. but all good things to those who push.
troubling this is. there's really no english version of a manual out there for some reason. and no video tutorials to boot. makes it difficult to even get started. but soooo fun!

great idea. great collection. sweet sounds.
i'd like to see this turn into a volume!
i've got some aalto things running as well. will definitely be mutating your patches...
heres one with aalto being sequenced by iannix..

thanks for sharing

update works great. by the by, i don't have to right click to get past 10.8.4's gatekeeper. just turn that off.

presets installed fine by the demo. then installed me licensed version just perfect.

and the new presets are awesome! thanks for update again!

oh. sweet. you're re-packaging the 1.4 update then ?

i so love this synth. its my absolute go to for sound sculpting.

wait, so i already updated my licensed version to 1.4...
now i should install the demo over that, to get the new 100 presets,
and then install my licensed version over that again ?

been running just fine here. Live 9.0.5, os x 10.8.4.
i pretty much only use the vst component of Aalto. and have a few sets with 2 instances of it
can't wait for v2

oooh..32bit only :(

Possible 64bit for use within Ableton Live 9 64bit