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I just purchased aalto 1.1. I'm excited to see a piece of software that deals with electronic sounds in this way.

I took electronic music classes from Mort Subotnick at CalArts during the 1976-77 school year, when he was working with a room full of Buchla modules, and I used small Buchla modules for comp. assignments. This approach reminds me a lot of the way the hardware worked.

Anyway, I've been trying out aalto using VE Pro (32 bit version), since VE Pro understands AU. I'm using Pro Tools 9 for the sequencer, and I'm getting the sounds working just fine.

I have noticed, though, that aalto is always acting like it's trying to run, or loop, or something (fan increases now and then) when I have patches loaded. No sound looping, just the computer's fan increasing, as if something's trying to use more CPU.

Nevertheless, I'm happy to invest in your software!


Mac Pro 2.66 (Quad core) 12 gig memory, Vienna ensemble, Pro Tools 9, Sibelius 6.2, Finale, and several Vienna Instruments.

Ya, Randy. Now I remember how the real Buchla modules work. Makes perfect sense! No problem!


Hello again.

I just tried Aalto with Logic 9, and it seems to be less intrusive on the CPU. I know that VE Pro itself uses a good amount of CPU energy just sitting there.