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I just put together a new computer and the first thing I wanted to check was whether I could finally use Kaivo. It's an I5-6660K w/ 16BG Ram running Windows 10 and a MOTU Ultralite M3k soundcard.

I still can't play more than a single note with voices set to 1 without massive buffer glitches happening. I've tried every buffer size from 64 to 1024 and still have the same problem.

This machine and soundcard should be more than capable of running Kaivo with no problems, so something else must be going on. Conversely, Aalto runs without a hitch. Any ideas?

Randy, per my most recent post, this had to do with Live 9 being dogshit at multicore support. Disabling that has made Kaivo and Aalto run like absolute butter.

Sorry to assume that it was your software.

Not only Kaivo and Aalto, but almost every CPU hungry softsynth I own has been giving me glitches and dropouts in Ableton even if I set my buffer length to 512/1024.

I couldn't for the life of me understand why a Core i5-6600K at 3.5 GHz would run like absolute dogshit.

Finally got around to disabling the "Multicore/Multiprocessor Support" option in Live and, lo and behold, CPU usage dropped by ~30% and no glitches for Aalto, Kaivo, Reaktor 6, etc. at 64 samples.

If you are using Live and are having the same issues, give it a try.

Well, this almost seems like a "how do I synth" question. This series of articles (start at the bottom and go up), is an excellent primer that has helped many, many people over the years learn "how to synth".

Love the "simple" synth sounds you can get from this.

e: nevermind - this was supposed to be a patch, but I can't figure out how to paste without it getting stripped.

I have recently updated drivers for my graphics card which do contain OpenGL drivers. I assume latest. It's a bog standard mid-tier Nvidia gaming card. I'll check later to see if there are some beta drivers available and test if you'd like. I'd be willing to test a non-OpenGL version as well.

What if you turn 'anim' off, what does that do?

No change.

If you close the Kaivo window, does that help? It's possible there is something weird going on with graphics.

Yes. I tested with the default patch. It immediately starts crackling (4 voices) on launch. If I close the Kaivo window, the crackling stops happening, so the UI seems to have something to do with it.

Interestingly, if I record the crackling audio and then play it back with the Kaivo window closed, it sounds fine. If I play the audio file with the Kaivo window open (Kaivo is not playing any audio), I get the same crackling.

If you stop audio, does the UI become responsive?

No, that doesn't help. Just to be clear about what I mean regarding UI responsiveness, I'm referring to things such as the shape of the envelope not updating smoothly when changing parameters. Aalto's envelopes are snappy and redraw immediately on param change. Kaivo's seem to lag heavily. Same with the noise offset. I have no idea if this is my machine or if others experience the same thing.

e: Displaying the Kaivo window makes my CPU load meter jump from 4% to 60%. Hiding it drops it back to 4%.

Ouch, what kind of CPU / OS are you running? 32 or 64 bit? Thanks.

Core i5 750

Windows 7 32-bit

Ableton Live 9.1

Grabbed the new beta and am now able to run it. Good work on making it take up far less CPU. I still can't play more than 2 voices at once without some serious breakup and the UI is highly unresponsive. It's still a damn amazing product that makes damn amazing sounds.

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