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OS 10.5.8 ||
Logic 9.1.3 ||
Aalto 1.1 AU ||
MOTU 828 mk.1

I updated to Aalto 1.1 yesterday, and now the track I'm currently working on is having issues. It was working fine with the previous build of Aalto. Problems started when I opened up the Aalto 1.1 plugin window - I got a pop and all audio from Logic then stopped.

  • Disabling and then re-enabling the audio driver from Logic's preferences doesn't bring the audio back.

  • Removing Aalto 1.1 from the channel strip, saving the song, quitting and then relaunching Logic restores audio. As soon as I re-load Aalto in the channel strip, audio is once again wiped out with a pop.

Anyone else with this issue?

OK - I loaded up Aalto 1.1 in an existing project yesterday. Kept it on the default preset (silent), unused, for most of the day. No sign of the bug.

Loaded up a patch and fiddled with it. Played in some notes on the track. Switched presets around a few times and tweaked controls. No sign of the bug.

Settled on a sound I liked, saved and quit Logic. I just opened up the project again this morning, pressed play and all sound got knocked out.

– I disabled Aalto in the channel strip, re-saved the project, closed it. Sound returned on my system (iTunes etc). Re-opening the project knocked out all sound again though.

  • I loaded up the default patch in Aalto, re-saved the project, closed it and re-opened. Still no sound.

  • Quitting Logic and re-launching with the same project brings audio back, with the default preset loaded in Aalto. Re-loading the saved preset that caused the bug works again.

I can email you the preset that was originally loaded and caused the bug if you like?

I've tried switching to the default patch after audio has cut out, with no effect- is that what you mean?

Any news / progress here?

I'm afraid to say that as much as I like the synth, I've stopped using Aalto altogether to avoid this issue.

Apologies for not returning sooner.

I had an update blitz on my system to make sure everything had its latest versions / drivers and began a new track with Aalto 1.1.

All appeared to be fine. I wrote a part with Aalto and bounced the audio, then disabled the instance of Aalto. However yesterday I was playing around with the track some more and when I re-enabled the original instance of Aalto all my audio cut out again.

Today I can't reproduce the issue, so as Lapsi points out, the behaviour appears to be quite random!

Just switched back to 1.0 for the time being to finish something off. I'm away for a few days, but I'll get back to you.

My connection is slow, so I'll have to chop out most of the audio in the non-working project in order to send it over. Hopefully it will still be sufficient for testing though.

Ah - OK... I found the problem. The installer sent out with Aalto 1.1 does not remove the previous build of Aalto from the AU component folder (perhaps because the older AU is named differently?).

I deleted the old AU and Aalto 1.1 now works as expected.

Another attempt at troubleshooting:

  • Switching to Built-in audio for output brought audio back, but selecting the Aalto track and hitting a note on my keyboard sent everything silent again.

Things I have tried:

  • Loading Aalto Default preset
  • Changing number of voices in Aalto
  • Changing audio buffer size in Logic prefs
  • Changing process buffer range in Logic prefs

This is in a simple mixdown project with a few audio tracks running. Adding an Aalto = silence. The track still plays and the meters move, but there's no sound.

I'm afraid my problems are still ongoing. After removing all Aalto components, reinstalling 1.1 and running the AU scan again, the previous project seems to be working OK.

But opening a new project and then loading an instance of Aalto 1.1 knocks out all audio. Removing Aalto from the channel strip brings audio back. Any ideas?