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Using Mac OSX 10.9, I had a very similar problem: the Installer did not replace the old Kaivo AU component, but didn't report any problem either. I then launched Digital Performer 8, which performed a plugin validation test and reported that Kaivo failed the test. I had to remove the old .AU, reboot, reinstall, and force Digital Performer to reexamine Kaivo. After this, Kaivo 1.2 seems to function OK.

So I don't think this would be an El Capitan problem.

BTW, are there any updates to thje Kaivo patches & samples library to go along with 1.2? If so, where are they?

Is this site brokenn right now? The download link above "the usual place" gets the error:

The page you were looking for doesn't exist.

You may have mistyped the address or the page may have moved.

A couple of sessions with the demo convinced me. I bought it! Congrats on an excellent virtual synth design. I'm just totally impressed. The manual is excellent, even… reminds me of the original ARP 2600 manual, which is where I got started in electronic music. I wish you a long and successful run with this product.

I'll go for it when released! I like what I saw/heard in the video. And I like Paul Bowles too. ;-) Didn't think anybody read him any more...