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great news!

i too am interested in the madrona discord / sumu preview
currently unable to enter :/

very strange

updated to capitan recently and now none of my madrona stuff is showing as available au instruments

component files are in the right place and the au manager lists the updated versions as validated

not sure what happened...

Thanks for offering a suggestion

didn't see a cache with that identical name in my folder...weird

I'll keep messing with this

@wedsnesdayayay thats a seriously crazy patch you've got going!

running osx 10.6 + logic express 9 + aalto 1.3

not a bug

just cant seem to figure out how to open aalto in the first place
i understand its not a standalone...i've used au/plugins in the past

but i'm not really a softsynth user + after searching i didnt see a similar thread
probably cause its really easy for most folks


got it working
appreciate the help

thanks for the holiday discount...this is a really beautiful app
the UI is an absolute joy to look at + tinker with