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congrats randy! this is very exciting for all of us i can't imagine how exciting is for you :)

did you hit checkout? it doesn't seem to apply it for your account until the checkout page

I'll do my best to describe this!

I recently started using the latest soundplane client since updating my mac to sierra and have noticed something that I can't figure out. In the newer Soundplane versions, The z axis seems to be reacting differently where it's as though there is a max limit to the Z output. I've opened older versions and confirmed that this behaviour changed on Soundplane 1.3.

For example in a Kaivo patch, I have the z axis controlling the rate of the granulator with the Dial turned all the way up. In 1.2 or earlier, Applying pressure to the z axis would modulate the Granulator rate from 1.0 to 880 (the max amount), but when applying the same amount of pressure to the z axis in version 1.3 and onward, the rate can only be modulated about 10% of the way up from 1.0 to around 3.5. Even if I push down very hard, the z axis output seems to be capped at this amount. It doesn't seem to be an issue with the z shape and z curve dials, as they don't affect the max output.

I hope this makes sense to someone! I'm very likely missing something simple but I can't figure it out and it's KILLING ME

Ah ok

Yes attenuator is at maximum modulation. That would be amazing if there is an option to take away the limiting! The results you can quickly achieve with that full x axis range is so amazing to me. I've currently reverted back to the early versions just to be able to use certain patches in this way, but it's obviously less ideal as I don't get access to any of the changes from the newer clients..

Regardless, thanks for looking into it

thanks randy!

Yeah they both don't seem to work for me. The beta 1 attempts to open and then crashes, and the beta 2 doesn't start up at all.

Hmm I can't seem to get it to open without crashing immediately. Are there any changes in system requirements to run the beta? I'm on a Macbook osx 10.8.5.

I'd love to be able to control Reaktor using the Soundplane and OSC but I can't figure out how to tell the t3d messages where to go once inside Reaktor. Has anyone managed to do this? I've tried looking on forums but this seems much more advanced than just mapping an ipad touchOSC parameter to amplitude, which is what most of the internet seems to want to do with OSC...

Does it have to converted to some other kind of data in Max first?

wow lots to look over here, thanks everyone!

I was hoping to play notes in instruments and maybe map x,y,z to other parameters. I don't know how to break down the t3d messages appropriately. Would it be done using the osc array object?

I've also never really made my own reaktor patch so it's a bit of guess work here

#13 :)