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Hey Randy,

It seems to have been a problem on my end. Everything is fine this morning with DP and the offending file(s). Odd that only Aalto seemed to be effected but a reboot appears to have done it. Sorry about the "mis-input".


Whenever I load Aalto into DP, there is a 'pop' sound and then it kills the audio from any plug-ins. Replace it with another plugin, there's a 'pop' and then the plugins (all of them) play normally.

While Aalto is loaded, it does not receive midi or generate audio. However, the other plug-ins respond to midi and generate a signal (you can see the VU meters move) but you can't hear anything ...nothing is getting to the main outputs.

If there is pre-recorded material on other tracks, you cannot hear it while Aalto is loaded.

No such problems in Studio One Pro 1.5.2 so far.


DP 7.2.1
OSX 10.6.4
Intel Mac 8 core


PS - Host sync!!! :-)