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i use Aalto now since over year and it`s my favourite virtual instrument - so thx first for this great synth.

after updating to 1.5 i experience some odd behavior:

  • all of my patches lack of the x vel setting in ENV 1 - so they sound different. this is not acceptable by any means

  • the gui is slow and the grafix stutter - like when adjust the decay of the envelope it stutters the grafic of the envelope

my system
intel q6600 2,4, ghz quad
win xp SP3
Ableton Live 9.1

Version 1.4.1 worked perfect
so, as long as the above mentioned bugs aren`t fixed, is it possiible to get a 1.4 download to return to the old version?

and greetz

First, i'm higly impressed with the new features in Aalto 1.3. Very nice work you've done Randy. A few things(in addition to the gui-thread) i'm wondering about in the current release:

maybe it's due to the changed envelopes ot the personalisation of the copy?!

-the cpu load on winXP SP3 in Live 8 has increased.
(e.g. patch on 1.26 14%; patch in 1.3 is 24%)

  • the mouswheel resolution is less accurate. e.g. scrolling the mouse on the mod index parameter in 1.26 changed the value in 0.01 increments. on 1.3. it changes in 0.33 increments or in 0.03 when shift is pressed. maybe that's the improved mousewheel ballistics you've mentioned, but for me it's a big loss in creating patches.

otherwise i'm highly appreciate your work on Aalto.

I agree also. the old gui is more straight foreward, as it's less work for the eyes to check the parameters. also the old plain background is far more "classy looking" then the gradient one in 1.3..please, let us change to the old gui if we want. THX! great work between.