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Nice update. CPU usage seems way down compared to the release version. Couple of issues - the window retains it's size and location only if presets are not changed and I did get one daw freeze (using Studio One) when importing a sample. Has never happened before with your vst's.

Awesome! Look forward to trying it out.

Just excellent Randy and team. Worth the wait.

Oops, my bad. I blame being too eager to get this beast running that I was completely blind to the separate presets installer

Hi Randy,
Bought and installed, but shipped with no presets? Just .dll?

no news is good news? still on track for mid Feb release Randy?

Thanks for the update Randy,
Too much software is let loose on the world half finished. Will look forward to this in the new year!

Hey Randy,

Do you think Santa will have this ready for Christmas? : )

fantastic, this is the only thing I would like in my christmas stocking

I'm a noob and have only been using Reaper but I thought this was a normal function of any DAW !
Any reaper track lets you choose a stereo output for recording, hit record and tweak away. Recording midi might be a different matter. Think it requires a controller mapped out for that.

Any scheduled release date?

sorry, :) patience was never my virtue

Just getting aquainted with the Aalto and loving it!
I have poor eyes so can't wait for the 'bigger' version.