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In Tracktion 7 there seems to be a number of ways to get it working.
1) Drop Virta on a track - select MIDI input channel - drop audio into the track and it works fine for playing. You can even add a MIDI and an AUDIO input
BUT if you want to record and playback MIDI notes will processing an audio file
2) Create 2 tracks - one for MIDI, one for AUDIO - create a new plugin rack / wrapper for Virta on the MIDI track. Add the AUDIO track as an input to the wrapper and disconnect one of the track outputs (either AUDIO or MIDI - doesn't matter.)
BUT if you want to record live input and MIDI notes
3) change number of inputs to 2 - select MIDI input and audio input in the two boxes - arm them - make sure live input monitoring is selected - press record and go. It records both MIDI and AUDIO to the same track!

It works fine in Live 9 so far as I can tell. CPU usage may even be down slightly.

Looks like a really interesting system. I assume we will be able to load different waveforms into the granulator. Will we be able to morph between two samples or will one always be noise?