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Oooft! This is exciting news!

Thanks kenzak for posting this Reaper workaround.

Thanks for the update Randy.

Thanks Cron, seems there is an issue somewhere. Like I said I'm pretty certain I have the routing set-up correctly, but I'm wondering if it may have something to do with how Reaper handles tracks and routings, as it doesn't discern audio from midi etc. like other hosts.
I also have the constant dry audio feeding out without any patch connections made in Virta also. I don't have any other 64bit VST hosts to try with at the moment either. I will try the 32bit VST in Max7 and see how that runs.

edit: Thanks for chiming in Randy. Looking forward to the fix.

Congrats on releasing Virta. Excited to finally be playing around with it.

I am however encountering what seems to be some strange behaviour in regards to feeding audio into Virta using Reaper. While I can tell there is audio running through Virta coming from the "pre" output by patching that straight to the aux input and watching the scope, none of the other outputs from the audio module seem to be responding to the audio signal input and the meters at the top don't respond either. I'm pretty confident I have the routing configured correctly in Reaper but I'm at a loss so far as to why the audio module isn't working as described in the manual. I'm also finding that the audio I'm sending through Virta always comes out even with no patch connections. Just wondering if any of the testers or anyone else now, have encountered anything similar? I'm running Virta 64bit, Reaper 64bit on Windows 10 using a MOTU Ultralight mk3 audio interface for what it's worth.