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Ah, OK. I thought it meant adding any parameter would break the order of existing ones. I asked because I didn't want Aalto to be "finished" feature-wise. (for example another type of filter: filter type switch parameter and possible additional filter tone control parameters)

Does the quote below mean that Aalto will never have additional parameters?

"Unfortunately there's no good way to add parameters to a plugin that won't break previous versions. Hosts could save a parameter name, but instead, they all (so far as I know) save an absolute index.
I promise not to move Aalto's parameters again."

Hi. I'd like to know whether Madrona Labs's sine core oscillator design is inspired by some Buchla design (a digital one? or is there any sine core VCO? I've only heard of triangle and saw core) and whether anyone knows of any other software synthesizer with sine core oscillators.

Alright, thanks. I've checked pretty much everything out there and I don't think there's anything with the same basic approach (publicly available, at least). In any case, I know that the concept means nothing without a good implementation (the "details and fine tuning"), and yours is obviously excellent.