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Firstly, thank you for the update !

I thought the small issue i had could have been gone with 1.3 but since it's still here i would like to report it:

I use Bidule as a randomizer for Aalto and since the parameters are neatly labeled it's a dream to program different levels of randyness ... oops, erm ... sorry, randomness, ^ ^, or even block any random behavior for such or such parameter (i don't know whether you have a copy of Bidule or not).

But however, the "Click Box" parameters, for example the Seq's on/off at each step, or the lowpass mode of gate, all seem to always revert to the same state when i hit the random buttom:
all the Seq's steps invariably turn to ON, the gate mode to lowpass OFF, etc...

Any idea ? I tried to program different randomness ranges, 0/1, 0.1/1, 0.99/1, 0/0.01, etc.., not to avail.

Thank you

Randy, thanks for the prompt answer.

Actually, i checked good with Live and Bidule, the 0 to 0.02 range is enough to get an on/off, it's just that Bidule's random doesn't seem to generate a real zero.
so never mind, i think it's a problem with Bidule.


You should have labeled the random buttons "randy"

Great work !
A chance to try Usine and compare it to Bidule.
I can already see that i like the g.u.i. better.
It should work with Usine free n'est-il pas ?
Thanks et bien le bonjour ^ ^

quote" "...and mostly just sounds like random noise"

I dont agree at all, what you say may be true for blind and stupid randomization of all parameters, but if you specify, as you can with bidule, what parameters to randomize and in what range, this is a completely different story.

quote: "randomisation rarely makes anything useful..."

Of course it's not winner everytime, but if you insist you can really get some jems you would never had come up with otherwise.
Even with a rate of "one good for 49 bad" (i usually get better rates) it's worth it and actually the problem quickly becomes that you get frustrated because you hace TOO MANY awesome patches that won't all fit in a music piece. So unless you create patches just for the purpose of listening to them and/or make some personal background soundscapes for your daily life, one quickly gets lost in GREED for new patches instead of doing music. This can be the real problem, hahaha :-)

In practice, i have may patches i love that were randomly generated in a way i woudn't have thought myself, or wouldn't have had time to spend on, but then "manually" touched up.
This is a great hybrid approache random+manual for fine tuning.

just my 5 hZ

Yes, randomization is tons of fun, especially if you can fine tune it, like in Bidule.
But, as it appears in another post asking for the patches (cables) parameters to be indentifiable as vst parameters, you can't randomize the cable patching.
No big deal since there's already so much to explore with existing patches and routings.
If i remember well you can use the demo of Bidule to make a big randomization session, you won't be able to save the randomization's fine tuning but you will of course be able to save the Aalto patches.