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Immediately after the test plug-in encountered a problem when switching presets sound continues to play itself (where it should not be).

For example:

When you switch to a preset AcAALTO 9 (Alesandro `s Machines) on Digitaldu EDT (Ed Ten Eyck) the sound continues to play itself.
If I run the plugin and immediately load the preset Digitaldu EDT, it is silent (ie, everything is fine)

OS: Windows7, 32bit
Host: Studio One v2.0.4, EnergyXT v1.4.1 (In both hosts the problem is the same)
Aalto: v1.2.6

(I apologize in advance, poor knowledge of English)

Randy Ok.
It is possible to fix in future versions?

I also once got a problem when loading a previously saved project, when the sound (immediately after downloading the project) came out of nowhere (by the nature similar to the clipping of the signal at low frequencies.), with mixer indicators were silent.
Decided the issue this way: I changed a preset in the instance of Aalto who suspected phantom sound generation, and resave the project. It helped.

For what I'm talking about this case: I thought, this is probably due to the aforementioned (in first post) problem.