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Here's to hoping that there will be some video footage of the presentations!

the suspenders are killing me :)

here is my little foray into aalto inside of max/msp

I wouldn't be too surprised if the radio silence is randy trying to push his new synth out for the decibel festival on 0926

at least that is what I'm hoping

I would very much doubt this has simply been dropped

although it has been kind of dead around here lately
Randy is hard at work on this new physical modeling synth
then I believe the soundplane app may get some work
Then I imagine another run of soundplanes

or something like that but I know he's working on the physical modeling synth now though

I have actually been on the fence about selling my soundplane here lately as aalto really got me into hardware modular synths but I have been putting off really trying to sell it until I find out what this new synth is. Also The new monome device may give the soundplane new life!

Mostly at this point I want to just use the soundplane to generate CV so I think it would be better utilized in somebody else's hands. As I have not found any solution that would allow for no computer to be used.

One of the hurdles to this idea would be that there isn't an easy way to automate patching as far as I know

but yes this is a great premise
I am thinking about building the functionality into my touchosc interface

I was thinking the other day that a level control with an attenuverter for the output of the sequencer would be great

it could scale both outputs or just one
this could really help bring static seq patterns to life

soundplane into plumbutter

I will upload to soundcloud the line recording here soon

and I plan on exploring this more today

It could be kind of neat to have a release trigger or gate in a similar fashion to the sequencer for the soundplane

triggering the LPG on release and then modulating delays and such could be interesting

although it would be hard to separate the individual channels hmm

just a thought

aalto being controlled by the shnth
aalto playing with illucia
aalto being controlled by touchosc

I don't really know much about foruming is there a way on here to embed video?

and now I have to learn iannix :) thanks for posting some inspiring work

I love your wonderful multifaceted sequencer
but I love it more when I can randomize all of it with the swipe of a finger

the steps are turned on and off according to the slider based on percentages

if you have the slider hovering around in the middle you are 50% likely to turn on each step (the response can be limited so that it does not randomize upon every change from the slider)

there is also a toggle which will randomly change which side is 100% (just for the step on/off)

the step values are created by (after reaching the response limit) randomly choosing a step and assigning the current slider value to the randomly selected step

there is also a mode which doesn't work great as far as visual representation in touch osc (because so many signals are sent so quickly it can't quite keep up) in which the step values are chosen the same way but there is a three setting (slow, regular,fast) slew limiter between the values which makes some very interesting sounds

sorry to explain something that wasn't really asked about but I am pretty proud of that little slider :)

thank you for making this possible

I know i will want at least one next time around.
the shirts look great

<Aalto pluginVersion="66305" presetName="poonoodlin' 112 bpm" scaleName="12-equal" scaleDir="" key_voices="4" seq_host="1" seq_trig="1" seq_rate="0.153000012" seq_rate_p="-1.20000005" seq_steps_p="-1" seq_offset_p="7" seq_quantize="1" seq_glide="0.00999999978" seq_value_delay="0.184690252" seq_value0="0.119999997" seq_value2="0.099999994" seq_value3="0.170000002" seq_value4="0.310000002" seq_value7="0.529999971" seq_value9="0.889999986" seq_value14="0.959999979" seq_pulse0="1" seq_pulse6="1" seq_pulse14="1" lfo_freq="0.0799999982" lfo_noise="0.179999992" lfo_level="0.48999998" lfo_level_p="-0.600000024" lfo_freq_p="0.639999866" env1_decay="0.389999986" env1_sustain="0" env1_release="0.209999993" env1_xvel="0" env1_trig_select="2" env2_repeat="0.529687524" env2_release="1.65999997" env2_trig_select="2" env2_delay_p="0.159999967" env2_repeat_p="2.27999997" osc_index="0.480000377" osc_timbre="0.109999999" osc_pitch="55" osc_offset_p="-136" osc_index_p="9.57999992" osc_timbre_p="0.659999967" osc_mod_out="0.479999989" gate_mode="1" gate_decay="2" delay_peakfreq="2177.66821" delay_drive="0.690000057" delay_peakres="3.73277473" delay_freq="13.75" delay_feedback_p="-0.5" delay_freq_p="-1.1899991" delay_output_wet="0.859999955" filter_cutoff="943.999939" filter_mix="-0.428533077" filter_cutoff_p="1.49999988" filter_q_p="0.539999962" filter_mix_p="-0.190000013" output_reverb="0.0899999887" patcher_input_1="0000000000000000100000000000000" patcher_input_3="0110100001000000000001000001000" patcher_input_10="0000000011000011000000000011000" patcher_input_11="0101000000000110100000000010000" patcher_input_12="0001000010000000000000001000000" patcher_input_13="0000000000000000000100000000000" patcher_input_14="1001000000000000000010000000100" editor_x="194" editor_y="109" editor_width="912" editor_height="624" editor_num="1" editor_anim="1"/>

additional variation on tonights theme

did you mean "set weekly reminder to sack hand men the modeler virgin of Aalto hips sand four police"?

do you do any programming? if so max/msp is your friend
I am waiting on my soundplane at the moment but according to what randy said you should be able to use [ctlin 74], [ctlin 11] to get the Y/Z coordinates.
or hook up a [midi] parse and look at what is doing then send your signals accordingly

either by hosting your synth in max and modulating it through [vst~] or by sending the midi data out a midiout object and receiving it in ableton then applying it where needed

what will be easiest wether you don't want to do the programming, don't know how/ won't learn, or don't want to pay for max/msp (puredata is free and easy as well) would be to simply wait for the features to be added.

are you not able to get it working with aalto? or are you just wanting to use it with other synths?

because in the videos it is working with aalto and max/msp programs (at least as far as I have seen, but if you have some other examples I would love to see them!)

I don't know how you do it randy, by thank you.

especially when you are patching the output of the theremin as a modulation source as opposed to pitch (not that pitch is bad).

think about a theremin interace who would sit around the soundplane in such a way as to provide a 3d playing space above the soundplane. something like the leap motion could be used potentially but if it were to integrate into the soundplane (as I believe there are a couple available ADC's available, or I may just be remembering that incorrectly) it would be all the better.

i can imagine all kinds of fun with long notes and patching the waveguide delay time and feedback to X and Y coordinates of a theremin interface through the soundplane

wow, can't complain about the one I have but damn that veneer is pretty

amazing work

@jonah i was think along those same lines

I suppose I should just not be lazy and try it out but my computer with aalto on it died so does the patching geneology save with the patch?

that is to say if I made a new patch which have some versions saved and copied them to my clipboard to share here on the forums would the other versions be saved with the aalto patch?

I love the patch revision but had something happen

I saved about 4 revisions and went back to the second and started making some changes to it and wanted to save that revision. A text box appeared that said something like "preset 3 has already been saved". I don't know about anyone else but what is instead of that happening the revision would either save to the end of the line (if only 4 had been saved it would now be number 5), completely save over the next preset (erasing and replacing 3), or move all the presets over 1 (preset 3 would be 4 and 4 would be 5 etc.) place making the new revision in order after the revision it was revising (in this case 3)...

I hope this makes sense, what a wonderful addition!

unfortunately my lappys hardrive died on me so I lost some good wiggly bits of aalto/touch OSC template but I will have to start over and add this function.

thank you again this is wonderful

will this feature be midified?

this is what i was going to say

except i use send audio to track X
and on the audio track receive audio rom aalto's track

but that usine video is awesome
i assume you are using the pro version, is this correct?

do you also have max/msp by chance? i already own max and have only used the live demo a couple times but would rather use something else more modular in its appproach

also in max/msp you can you quick record/capture or whatever it is called to record aalto

please don't take my feverish feature requesting as a notion that I think Aalto is in need of fixing or some such nonsense. I love aalto whole heartedly, and use it daily. These are simply ideas that pop into my head when playing. I love this synth and thank you very much

What if the attenuverters themselves had an input that was located on its right or left side. Which would of course allow the attenuverters to be modulated

the only thing I can think is that it might look a little cluttered but the possibilities would be amazing

This isn't really so much a feature request, it is more me thinking outloud about something kind of odd that I am not too sure would be worth pursing...

what if the filter had an input/output so it could be a control singal processor.

I love the "attenuverters" as it was put on the forum but would love some alternative signal processing powers.

Just a thought

love this synth

edit:drunkin' feature requesting....sorry guys

oh this is exciting!

will the fully modular program that you said is a little ways off and the physical modeling program be the same thing or are they different prospective beasts?

Another feature/upgrade request that could be a bit of fun

I would love a button alongside maybe the anim / num that would turn on/off per output (the patching outputs to be specific) OSC outs/ins (if a switch is needed)

That alone could be very fun for integration via silent way into modular / max/msp synths etc.

somehow making the inputs / attenuverters available as OSC inputs would be amazing as well

in this way people could make there own automatable matrix patching / max output/input rotators / integrated attenuverter modulation

if OSC ins/outs were added in this way something like this ( ) could be used out of the box to patch aalto together
just another idea

....although...will the new mystery product be fluent in T3d? or is that another mystery.,.

I want to ask questions but Would rather be surprised!