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Forgive me if this is dumb. I've been using mostly hardware modular synths of late, but am getting back into aalto. How do you assign individual parameters to midi controllers? Is it possible? I can find no manual, or any documentation on this at all. Doesn't mean it doesn't exist, but maybe that I haven't been paying enough attention....but how and if?

ok. this was at an attractive price:) not that a new one is overpriced, but I just bought a Wiard 300 system, and don't have much in reserve. But I will keep my eyes out, and maybe I'll sell some more euro stuff in the interim.

Don't see a way to pm here. Are you at all interested in trades? I miss my soundplane, and would like to get one again. I'm thinking about putting my DSI pro 2 up for sale...

I'm using Logic Pro 9.1.8.

I haven't used it in awhile. I'm trying to use Aalto. Logic has crashed within minutes of loading Aalto - the first time after about 5 minutes, and the second time immediately.

OS X 10.8.4

I'm not wanting to descend into a hell of troubleshooting here. Some guidance? This is exactly why I try to stay away from software as much as possible....

Yes. of course, that worked.

I never had a problem with Aalto before, so I imagine that it probably has something to do with Logic, though obviously possibly in combination with other things.

I can't tell what version it is - it's from january 2013.

The log is below:

I was lucky enough to get in on the initial batch of these, and mine arrived around a week ago.

I'm quite thrilled with it, and feel quite lucky to have both the soundplane and this instrument.

Why the connection in my mind? The polygamist has a VERY nice ribbon controller that can control both parameters on the synth itself, and also sends out midi. The feel is really nice (I've never played a ribbon controller that was this responsive. Perhaps they exist).

both the soundplane and this are geared towards more experimental type music/playing, I think. And both Aalto and the polygamist are oriented towards less traditional synth sounds, and more towards experimentation, I think.

In any case - just a recommendation to check this thing out. It looks great too - nicer in person than in the photos I saw. Of course, some people don't like how it looks....I really enjoy sitting down and playing with it.

yeah - I appreciate your undefensive discussion of this...

I'd also say that on my end (I have sold software quite a few times in the past) it is also a 'gut' thing.

I owned tons of softsynths at one point - a rather sizeable investment. At some point in time I realized that (with very few exceptions) I simply didn't like doing synthesis on a computer, and I sold virtually all of it (with all necessary permission, of course). I also sold off quite a bit when I moved from windows to mac, etc.

So, my gut is that it simply should be permitted. While this might be apocryphal, I recall hearing that in some countries (I recall Germany) it is a legal requirement that the sale of a license be allowed. Forgive me if this is a false recollection....

On the other hand, Aalto (and the soundplane) are very reasonably priced, great products, and I have no complaints, so I am very far removed from being annoyed or inconvenienced. But I'd encourage you to reconsider at some point.

I understand, and I don't think it's entirely a simple issue.

I suppose that maybe I believe that the majority of users are honest. How many people would really sell their copy and then ask for support?

I think that in reality (forget the legalese) one buys software and owns it, and it just isn't right to forbid transfer of its ownership. But I do appreciate the fact that you don't use annoying methods of copy protection, etc. Maybe there isn't a good solution.

I hope that I can express an opinion on this....

I have not intention to sell Aalto at all, and I love the way that the soundplane works with it.

But I hope that you can reconsider this policy. I can understand from the manufacturer's point of view that this is a pain, and I'm sure that license agreement prohibits it, etc. I suppose that you've considered all of the reasons pro and con, so I won't get into all of that. I just think that if I buy a product (whether it's a car, a hardware synth, or some software) I should be able to sell it.

Just my opinion. Hope you don't take it the wrong way.

I've been looking for any kind of documentation, and I'm not finding it.

I have a connection through soundplane via OSC. Kyma works immediately, but only to the x direction and pitch. Nothing else seems to work.....

I can choose t3d/con as a controller in the VCS, but then the value goes immediately to max, and playing has no effect.

I"ve heard that soundplane works well with Kyma, so I"m assuming there are some things that I should do to set it up better - where do I find this documentation?

I think I saw that one, but I have no idea how to use that information.

I posted to the kyma forum. Over OSC, there seems to be some kind of default Kyma mapping, but default mappings are pretty useless. I could not find a way to successfully map x,y,pressure to Kyma parameters. The general instructions that they give for OSC don't seem to work (I only see the /con choice to map the VCS, for instance, and that very blatantly doesn't work.

Midi works very easily and well when the synth allows you to map the incoming controller events. But most don't, so it's rather a pain.

Hi. I'm set to buy a soundplane when my bonus hits on 12/31...

I'm curious about whether there is any potential down the road for the soundplane itself to record a performance? Memory? Perhaps this has already been stated elsewhere.

A number of people on the muffwiggler forum who are heavily into analog modular synths are exploring aalto.

ok. I was kind of coming to that conclusion. I just loaded up Numerology - I think that they have the capability (as does Bidule) of mapping this stuff. I'm kind of rusty with it though.

I hope it's put in there explicitly. Aalto is really the one softsynth that calls to me these days, and I'd really like to have an easy way of using an interesting step sequencer to modulate its parameters.

ah - will have to take a look at that preset. I've been distracted by my new anyware tinysizer....

Now, of course, it is my nature to ask for more features in a synth that really is very nice as it is - but I keep on wanting to ask for more sequencers that I can easily edit and assign to specific voices if I want to, and more lfo's also. But then the interface wouldn't be quite so simple and uncluttered, I guess.

I'll have to mess with that later. It sounds like in order to get one sequencer per voice you need to use midi in?

I'm puzzled by the following comment on the main page describing Aalto:
"Each voice has a separate, built-in sequencer with a patchable, independently controllable rate and offset that make it easy to achieve evolving, chaotic textures."

This implies that if I'm using 2 voices, I can use 2 independent instances of the sequencer (?) - but that doesn't appear to be the case, unless I"m missing something. I've had a couple of hours thus far with Aalto, and quite loving it thus far.