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good idea

Yes, that would really be a helpful feature....


I just purchased a soundset from Sounds Devine for Aalto.
The sounds are in a format called .mlpreset and in the Read Me File it's explained that you should copy these into the following location:

C:\Documents&Settings\All Users\Application Data\Madrona Labs\Presets

I'm using a PC with XP and I was not able to find this location at all. Simon from Sounds Devine doesn't have an XP computer so he was not able to help me, but I have to recommend them because of their very friendly and fast support.

Could anybody explain to me how I could get these sounds into Aalto please?
I know about the normal way with Copy from Clipboard etc. but in this case it doesn't work that way I'm afraid.


Hi Tikitpok,

thanks, I'll try that later after work....
You could check out the Soundset at, they sound very lovely, well textured and complex.... all very different...
great starting points to do your own variations. I still struggle to create sounds from scratch as I have never worked with this kind of synth before... love Aalto!