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take my money, gimme the beta!!


killer synth, but oftentimes whenever i load an Ableton Live set with 2 or more Aaltos, everything crawls to a halt.
i7-2600k / fresh Win 7 64bit install / Live (32bit host)
A fix would be very much appreciated.

Kind regards

Native Instruments Audio 2 DJ...will investigate further once i get the chance!

was going to ask if you could reproduce my problem...but upon loading the set i can t reproduce it myself. Using a different audio driver at the moment though so maybe thats the culprit. feel free to delete the thread!

here's an 18kb set:

Just two Aaltos, running my cpu up to 2500% according to Live's meter.

Nah, it's not the cpu load. After deleting and re-inserting (same patch) the Aaltos i have maybe a 10% cpu load. My Sandy Bridge is a beast - and i am broke... : )

Sorry about the delay!
So far the problem has only appeared upon loading a live set (so no GUIs are visible). I then press play and everything crawls to halt. Sound is running, but drum'n'bass style slow'n'stretchy if you know what i mean.
BUT! I just discovered that if i then press stop, delete both Aaltos, CTRL+Z twice, i.e. undo so that the Aaltos are re-inserted, everythings back to normal...
That's good enough for me but if i can be of further assistance, let me know. Might be an Ableton bug after all. GFX is ATI 6850 btw.

agreed, otherwise LOVE it!