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I have a model A SN# 0009 for sale. please email me if interested

zach @ high lonesome dot net

thanks, Mark! was just about to roll my own and then saw yours on the reaktor user library

I would like to split my soundplane to send OSC control to 2 separate instances of Aalto.

Do I have to wait until zones are implemented or is there a tricky way to do it otherwise?

Thanks, Randy. really appreciate your work

Finally got a chance to work with the new zone functionality today. Thanks! its great!

Only issue that I'm having is the number of touches are accumulated across the entire instrument and not 'per-zone'. for example, if I have 2 instances of Aalto set up with 2 voices each:

zoneA -> aaltoA (2 voices)

zoneB -> aaltoB (2 voices)

then 2 touches in zoneA prevent any additional touches going to zoneB. increasing the voice count in aaltoB allows touch3 to go through and there doesn't seem to be any hierarchy with zone number. just that the number of touches across the entire instrument have to be less than the voice number in any instance of Aalto, regardless of whether those voices are being used or not.

maybe this is just the cost of doing business given the t3d protocol. but hopefully this is something that is fixable as having 2 instances of Aalto with 4 voices each really chokes up my MBP retina (which i find also odd given that an older MBP worked was able to handle it fine)

hi Randy,
been using my Soundplane Model A successfully for over a year now. It works fine on my MacPro (5,1) running Soundplane client 1.2.4 with no issues.

However, I just bought a new 13" Macbook Pro Retina (12,1) and I can't get the client to see the SP over USB. I've tried it with Soundplane clients 1.2, 1.2.4, and - but to no avail. Basically it sits on the "Please connect your Soundplane via USB" dialogue box but never finds the connection. Troubleshot cables, different USB ports, trashed prefs... nothing doin.

Is this an issue with USB 3.0?

wow. reboot did it. embarrassed I didn't already try that.

thanks, Randy

Hi Randy,

Ever since updating Aalto I've had an issue with the OSC coming from Soundplane.

On touch release, the pitch data jumps down to the lowest note on the row (this changes depending on template ie. rows of fourths, chromatic, octaves, etc.). This doesn't happen when controlling with MIDI instead of OSC. This also doesn't seem to be happening with Kaivo). This problem makes every release envelope drop to the same note - cool for dance music i guess. Am I on a wrong Soundplane/Aalto release combo or something? It is obviously seeing 'OSC connected'

Soundplane Client (v. 1.0a2) - re-downloaded & confirmed since the software still says 1.0a1 on the bottom?)

Aalto v. 1.5.0

Live 9.1.1

Mac OS 10.8.4

nevermind. missed previous post from ngwese about the same bug in use with Kyma. I'll wait to see what you find.

spent some time with zoning today. not sure if you're already working on this but a midi cc toggle mode would be nice - just for on/off button states. also sending MIDI program change data would be nice for preset changing.

one issue i'm having is that the top and bottom of the soundplane's physical surface doesn't correlate to the absolute top/bottom of the zone layout in the software. for example, ctrl_y1 in the zoneExample1 only reaches a minimum of .08 and a max of .92. this isn't a huge deal except if you shorten that vertical slider to less than the full span of the soundplane (ie. 3 or 2 segments), those numbers get unusable narrow for any useful param control. is this a known issue that i missed or is it just me?