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Hi Randy,

I think it would be nice to have a confirmation screen displayed after clicking "Save" since it's an irreversible destructive action (completely overrides the preset). AFAIK, there's no way to reverse that if you accidentally click "Save" instead of "Save as" or "Save as version". Perhaps you could also include an option in settings that turns this off for those who want "Save" to work as it currently does. I personally would love the confirmation requirement so I don't accidentally destroy a preset. It's a feature that exists in the GForce synths that I really appreciate.

I'm new to the Madrona Labs instruments and am blown away so far. These have aged very well. I'm amazed at how much Aalto and Kaivo still stand out compared to the massive crowd of other plug-ins available today. Looking forward to Sumu (though I promise I won't ask you every month as to when it's coming out).