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Ohhhhhhhhh, i see now. I was having trouble importing .utu files, but I didn't think to try right-clicking the partials menu. Now that I've also tried the directory trick I can see that my previous imports are also there, just top-level, and also my new directory is there.

Where are the Sumu partials stored? I'd love to clean house a bit and remove the redundant sounds I imported...

Just bought Sumu and am excited to try things out! First stumbling block: I made an .utu file in Vutu, but when I pointed Sumu at the directory I made for my .utu files it coudn't find anything...

MacMini 2023 // Mac OS Sonoma 14.2.1

I just watched the VUTU demo video and am now even more excited to try SUMU when it arrives :+1:

Thank you!

Yeah - I noticed the my copy of Live 11 wasn't showing Aalto as a VST, but would show it as an AU. As long as it works!